Descendants 2 

I didn’t write the review right after the film premiered because I found that many critics weren’t too kind with this film. Not that I have been kind to some films either. Recent memory comes Aloha and Liz & Dick reviews were quite harsh; however, I do keep in mind whom is the audience and Descendants 2 pleases their targeted audience – the kids! 

When it comes to children or teenage films, I look at other aspects which I dissect differently towards other movies. In this case, Descendants 2 is fantasy, rom-com, musical and it had action too. On this occasion, the sequel brought new characters along with Disney veteran, China-Anne McClain and newcomers as her comrades. Overall, the film brings what is intended to do which is to entertain their audience, yet it also shows the young villains struggling with their new path and growing up.


The sequel takes place six months after the first film. The main characters have adapted the Auradon ways, but it’s been tough for Mal. She’s still dating King Ben and has become the paparazzi’s favorite subject. Causing a strain in their relationship. Ben tries to grow within his new duties, while Mal tries her best to personify a princess-like attitude. Mal exhausted of the media frenzy, she goes back to the isle. As a result, the entire gang including Ben and Dude (Carlos’s dog) goes to the isle to bring back Mal; however, their plans backfires when Uma and her band interferes. 


The story is not complex; however, with the mixture of action and intricate choreography – Descendants 2 labor paid off. It is reported that more 1,500 costumes were made for this film. In addition, extensive hours of sword fighting lessons for the young cast. Kenny Ortega knows how to capture and cast a spell with his skills. I do not like to compare, yet I strongly believe making the Descendants franchise and The High School Musical franchise – Descendants delivers more layers and challenges for their cast. And as a final note, they nailed it with their casting choices.

Final Thoughts 

Descendants 2 brings strong references from its origins and molding a new vision of the children of villains. And the morale of this franchise is that not everyone grows up to be just like their parents. 

P.S. It was a smart move to air this film in various channels including ABC which is a local one…13 million viewed it.
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