Curious Facts from…Rocko’s Modern Life

Dedicated for those that were kids during the early 90s and for those that loves cartoons regardless of their age.

If you were a kid in the 90s and we’re lucky enough to have cable- there’s a huge probability Rocko’s Modern Life is a familiar name. Now as a 30 year-old semi adult, I’ve acquired the full series and ‘oh, my!’ Like George Takei would say. This series is in reality is not meant for kids. Certain themes and dialogs did have an edge. From Mrs. Big Head trying to seduce Rocko to Spunky’s relationship with the mop. Setting aside the load of hilarious sexual innuendo, it is noteworthy this series is surreal and unique in its category.
1. Rocko is an Australian-immigrant.

2. Rocko’s opening theme only has one line which is the title of the show.

3. The band that performs the theme is called The B-52’s.

4. Season 1: The Big Heads were already married 32 years ago.

5. By the time the series ended, The Big Heads were married for 36 years.

6. Episode 2 from season 1 was banned for several years after its first airing. Because of its sexual content, the episode wasn’t suitable for minors.

7. Rocko had several jobs. His short lived underwear model to a phone sex operator were one of his jobs.

8. Filburt’s character was inspired by Woody Allen.

9. Filburt marries his dentist professor, Dr. Paula Hutchinson whom is a cat with a hook.

10. Much like Rocko, the characters that are Rocko’s friends have also held many jobs.

11. Heffer is adopted and his parents are wolves.

12. Heffer’s adoptive grandmother wants to eat him.

13. Heffer is often called a cow.

14. Rocko never had a girlfriend during the series. Just failed crushes with Melba Toast that was in a serious relationship and Claudette that fell for Heffer. But she was joking.

15. Mrs. BigHead called a phone sex service, but hung up when she realized it was Rocko answering her call.

16. The main reason why Rocko came to America was to escape from his bully, Dingo.

17. Mr. And Mrs. BigHead only had one son named, Ralph.

18. Ralph didn’t follow his father’s footsteps. He’s an animator. 

19. Although Ralph didn’t want to be like his father; however, they shared the same stubborn personality and bitterness.

20. Spunky fell in love with a mop.

21. Bev Bighead likes to sunbathe nude. As a result, Bev is seen naked throughout the series.

22. Conglom-O is one of the several examples that ‘O’ is consistent during all four seasons.

23. Spunky  is unintentionally a troublemaker.

24. Conglom-O slogan is ‘We own you’  satires the monopolization of business.

25. Heck is hell. Although not clarified, heck was used due to censorship.

26. Peaches is the devil’s assistance.

27. Melba Toast is Rocko’s neighbor and she is a faceless model.

28. Filburt was the only character that developed. While the rest of the characters remained with the same social status.

29. Virginia Wolfe is named after Virgini Wolf.

30. The series had a small voice cast; however, the majority of the voice cast are reknown voice actors and actresses. 

31. Majority of the voice cast has worked on other series such as Camp Lazlo and SpongeBob SquarePants.

32. Carlos Alazraqui is from New York City to Argentine parents.

33. Episode 8 from season 1 is the only episode which the drawings are not consist ant because it’s the shows’ pilot.

34. The series was cancelled on season 4. Hence, the show did not have a series finale.

35. Peaches is obsessed with Heffer.

36. Wedgie Boy is a mockery of Mark Wahlberg’s campaign for Calvin Klein.

37. Season 4, episode 5  is an homage to the 1980s film, Ghosbusters.

38. There’s no explaination why one of Filburt’s children looks like Heffer!

40. Episode titled, Wacky Deli is based on the tribulations that animators go through.

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