Valentine’s Day Recommendations

Honoring the month of love and friendship, I will dedicate this article by providing ideas and recommendations for this special day.

Want to eat something memorable and romantic? Eat Liz Lemon’s favorite dish, Cheesy Blasters. And she sings the recipe for you.

If you forget about this romantic day, no worries! Just tell your significant other that since Trump kidnapped the White House- one of the thousands and unreasonable executive orders was to replace Valentine’s Day honoring Alternative Facts Day. No one could ever get mad about that.

If you decide to propose to your partner in crime, forget about diamonds. Propose with an EGOT necklace and wear it on their behalf.

If pregnancy is in the air, confess that you are carrying Matt Damon’s  love child on Valentine’s Day.

For those that love the night life and resides in New York City, look no further just ask Stefon.

Another jewelry based gift idea is a picture of Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer modeling the dying fashion line of Ivanka Trump.

Or simply shop at any department store or boutique that is Trump free products.

Also, if you’re thinking about going outside of the city for a romantic getaway – you have two great options: Albouquerque, New Mexico tours guided by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Or a tour in Washignton, DC at an abandon factory guided by Neagan and his bat, Lucille.

Still struggling for ideas? Impress your loved one by serenading them with William Hung’s 2004 hit, She Bangs.

Thinking about breaking up on this day, but you think this might become a long term fight? Just simply wear the red baseball cap that says, Make America Great Again. Anyone will simply runaway and block your existence for life.

Going back to a romantic setting, a modern day to share an extra copy of the keys of your apartment is to share your Netflix or Hulu account password.

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