Why Voting Matters

I’ll keep this post very brief. Use your power to vote and whom would you believe has the ability to run our country.

This is the time to do so. Don’t let others make that choice for you. As a female, I have a strong desire to see a new history in my country. It’s time for America to start a new chapter where women are not second class citizens, but equal.

As a person, I wouldn’t want a president that sees our country as the greatest negotiation deal. No, America like the rest of the countries around the world- it is not a business deal. Although I try to maintain neutrality or reserve my voice because politics like religion – someone will not be happy with me view- I cannot sit on my behind and ignore the bigger issue here.

Voting for a candidate that is racist, sexist, mocks, disrespects and bullies his way into the White House is unacceptable. Voting for a candidate that desires to build a wall would be a tragic repetition in history. Voting for a candidate that is playing another role outside of his reality show into real politics would be an irresponsible decision.

In the end, it is your choice. My decision is clear and obvious. The first time I voted, I was part of history. I hope that this being my third time voting, I and like many other voters mark a new chapter in our future history books.

It’s time America. What are you waiting for? Vote November 8th. Let’s make history one more time.


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