WTF: Olympics Edition!

Four years ago, I wrote a few articles about the London Olympics. One of my favorites articles was A Closer Look: London 2012 Funny Pics which were Photoshop pictures of the Olympics; however, this year, so much has occurred in Rio 2016, I personally didn’t feel the need to do this because I call this edition of these Olympics: WTF – Olympics Edition!

Zika Virus Fear

Before the Olympics started, a massive virus from Brazil made headlines. Many top athletes feared the possibility of Zika and decided to skip Rio. NBA stars: LeBron and Stephen Curry decided not to go to Rio. Although neither of them have stated the virus as being the primary reason; many sources have hypothesized this may have been a possibility.

Other athletes such as Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson voiced their concerns and didn’t go to Rio. Lastly, cyclist Tejay Vangarderen and his wife, Jessica are about to become parents. For her safety, the American cyclist decided stay home.

Black Market?

71 year-old, Patrick Hickey has been arrested for selling tickets over the black market! If this name doesn’t ring a bell, let me explain…Hickey is Europe’s top Olympic official. He’s no stranger to controversy because last year he answered his hotel door naked while police wanted to question him. As for now, this is a developing story.

400 – Meter Dive

American sprinter, Allyson Felix was seconds away to win the golden medal in the 400- Meter; however, Bahamas’ Shaunae Miller decided to dive into the finish line. Since there’s no loophole that prohibits a competitor to dive into the finish line; Felix won silver. I believe the IOC should take note and prohibit such act.

APTOPIX Rio Olympics Athletics


Bad Blood: Phelps Edition

South African Chad le Clos beat Michael Phelps in one the events in London. It’s four years later and le Clos is still on cloud nine. While the men waited for their turn, Phelps’ sat wearing his headphones (most likely listening to rap) to relax before his turn and Le Clos did everything to get Phelps’ attention. Like a child throwing spit balls during class. Le Clos danced, jumped and even changed his clothes in front of Phelps’ (thank goodness he was wearing his shorts!) Nonetheless, the main event came and Le Clos lost. He lost against Phelps and then later shared a triple tie as well. Would you like to dance again, Mr. Le Clos?


Mrs. Efron

Simone Biles came in as the favorite athlete for Rio. So far, the tiny giant has won several events and she has a move named after her. The Final Five won several events marking another historic moment in USA gymnastics. Today’s host, Hoda Kotb asked Zac Efron to come to Rio and meet Simone Biles.


Simone Biles on Twitter

After the final ended, The Final Five meet the actor. What made this surprise hilarious were the girls’ reactions. Laurie Hernandez immediately hugged Efron without blinking. Simone and the rest of the crew took several pictures with the 28 year-old actor. Now, that’s an awesome reward!

Tinder Regret

Joseph Schooling met his idol, Michael Phelps years ago. The child is now a grown man in college and he is also in Rio. In one of the events, Schooling beat Phelps and became a sensation. While Schooling celebrated his success, Sabryna Salazar realized she rejected an Olympic winner. She posted online their brief conversation calling it her biggest regret. Salazar is still in pain; Schooling and his girlfriend are celebrating his triumph.



 Russian Ban

Before August 5, IOC’s authorities found massive reports on Russian doping practices. Several athletes were banned from the summer and winter Olympics. Can athletes learn from Lance Armstrong? Steroids can only lead to all kinds of damage.


Ryan Lochte is known for his swimming talents, but he also known for being immature. Still, immaturity does not excuse him for causing major chaos in Rio for lying. The American swimmer was interviewed on the Today show and mentioned he and two of his teammates suffered an armed robbery. Of course, this news flew to Brazilian authorities and this unfolded into more problems because Ryan lied.


The real story is that Lochte and friends caused problems at a gas station before heading to the airport. Ryan has apologized for his childish behavior. Maybe the episode of 30Rock where Lochte appeared played some truth to his personality.

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