The Late Review: Deadpool


        Deadpool photo: Marvel Entertainment 

Although I’m a comic book/ anime fan, Deadpool wasn’t on my radar. Nothing against the Marvel character, quite the contrary I knew he constantly breaks the forth wall and the protagonist is aware he’s purely fictional. What prompted me to rent the film was YouTube clips that compiled hilarious scenes of the flick.

Somewhat formulaic, Deadpool breaks it with his sarcastic humor. Of course, like most heroes he was a victim first. Before his transformation, Wade Wilson was a mercenary and has a girlfriend as wild as he is. After two years of dating, he proposes and faints.

He goes to the doctor to discover he has terminal cancer. In desperation to find a cure, he falls into a trap. Ajax or Francis is a mad scientist and forces a horrific treatment that turns a human into a mutant. The mutant is sold, but Wade escapes alive; however, he is completely deformed. His entire body has multiple scars and he is unrecognizable. 

Despite his frustration, Wade wants revenge. With violence and humor, the writers create a hilarious running gag,’Where’s Francis?!’ In the search for Francis, Wade kills everyone connected with him. However, Deadpool is not ignored. The X-Men wants to recruit the anti-hero. Mainly Colossus and a protege, Negasonic Teenage Warhead are chasing him.

By the end of the film, Wade and his girlfriend, Vanessa are reunited. Francis is killed; although, Colossus wanted to stop Wade, yet it was useless. Wade killed Francis to silence Colossus. The anti-hero is back with his girlfriend, but he is still deformed. 

Deadpool is hilarious even when Wade was shot; he found a way to say something humorous. It is clear a sequel is in the making. If the writers (as credited, the real heroes) continues this brash-comedic style, I can assert the sequel should strive in the box office.

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