Things Get Weird

It is a 360 degree change on season 2 of Girl Meets World. As they are growing up, more topics arise and the three-part season: Girl Meets Texas their friendship is tested. As many perhaps speculated, Maya’s constant taunting and mockery towards Lucas is her façade.

As it is revealed by Riley, Maya likes Lucas. Riley decides to unite Lucas and Maya; however, am I the only one that thinks about Lucas feelings? Although Riley is seemingly doing a sacrifice because Maya stepped back to allow her to pursue Lucas; nonetheless, she’s not doing a great job at it because she’s not comfortable with it. How? She keeps on saying, “We are brother and sister.” She tries to convince herself by repeating the phrase plenty of times that I highly doubt the audience believes it.

By no means I am suggesting Riley isn’t a good friend, yet at the same she’s forcing Lucas to go to Maya. Mainly, she’s puppetering this poor kid! Since he’s the kind of boy who does everything for his friends – naively, he landed on this situation. Riley did throw on his face their status of brother-sister relationship; ergo,  Lucas is just going along and exploring this new territory. Clearly, this new relationship is not working. But, I do point this out, he has the power to say NO! I wanted for him to say, please stop! He did speak up by not allowing Riley calling him a brother, still he could have been more concise. In addition, these kids are somehow wiser in certain aspects than the ordinary 13-14 year old students. So, this whole three-part series could have ended differently.

Then, there’s Charlie which he is Riley’s rebound. I also feel sorry for this kid too. He likes Riley and asked her out. Out of desperation, she accepted and then she does not want him to talk to her during their first date. What’s up with that?! and what about the parents? Are they are aware of this date?!

Meanwhile, Corey would like for his child to avoid the route of disappointment and heart-break. I do praise that he’s afraid and he is not clear what to do. In real life, I would say to these kids, do you actually study in school? Anyhow, they are growing up and part of it is understanding all kinds of feelings including confusion. Overall, I can say Riley is messing up everything without acknowledging it…well, Farkle did point this out with kinder words.

Good job with the confusion arc. I was hooked.


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