Aloha (It Sucks!)

Before the film’s realease, Aloha already showed a major problem in terms of casting choices; however, casting Emma Stone as Allison Ng is part of the 99 problems this film has.

The plot is a poorly planned ocean of cliches of other ideas Crowe have used in the past. Nothing could save this train wreck. I must point out that John Krasinki’s character as the voiceless husband was probably the easiest job he’s ever done. He probably had two sentences and awkward looks towards Bradley Cooper during the film. 

Meanwhile, the story lacks substance because it was predictable. Stone’s character started as a robotic-straight arrow captain and her purpose was to be Cooper’s watchdog. Then, like most cliches she falls for him or (in a sarcastic tone) she saves him. Oh, the pain of the lack of imagination!

On the other side of this film, Crowe brings Rachel McAdams character with an unnecessary secret she’s held in the past 12 years. She  finally told her former boyfriend that he has a daughter (oh, my! no one saw that one coming…I’m rolling my eyes). Then Crowe has the talented comedian, Danny McBride as a lame colonel moving his fingers nervously. 

(Probably the only interesting scene was Alec Baldwin blasting through the doors and screaming his lungs out. Because his screams woke me up.) Another odd character was Bill Murray as the eccentric and sucky villain in Aloha which makes “Dr. Evil” portrayed by Mike Meyers an absolute menace.

Although critics blasted Elizabethtown in the past, at least that film made sense in comparison to Aloha. It’s a pity the actresses and actors are great, yet in this film no one shined. The only thing this film was missing was Emma Stone leaving the country and Bradley Cooper chasing her at the airport. Finalizing the film with the expected speech and saying I love you.

Overall, Aloha is just a bad film. Save yourself and save your money.


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