Sexy Baby: The Arena of Sexualization in the Digital Age

Porn has existed since the ancient times; however, the current generation is bombarded with pornographic themes everywhere. In films, posters, and commercials is a small description how far have sexual images reached in our fingertips. The documentary Sexy Baby follows three women that have nothing in common, but the common denominator is the pornographic influence in their lives. The main characters are Winifred (12), Nichole (32), and Laura (22) are discovering the distant aspects of reality and their sexuality. 

Winifred is the youngest of the trio. She’s a wealthy girl and her parents are divorced, but they have an excellent relationship. Winifred is intelligent and wise for her age because at the beginning of the documentary, she’s in gymnastics and she’s an actress for a sociological play that focuses on pop culture and the over-sexualization in the media. Although she’s bold and perceptive, she wraps herself in the pressure, influence, and the discovery of her teenage years through social media. Although she’s well aware of the poor portrayal of women and pornography; Winifred explores through imitation by posting pictures showing her bare back, the side of her bra and distancing herself from her parents. Then, out of the blue, she quits gymnastics claiming she didn’t like it. In my view, I think it was too much to handle between school, the theater, and gymnastics- I think, I would have dropped one class too.

Another force that pulls Winifred is her friend Olivia. Both sharing their curiosities, Winifred follows Olivia unintentionally like a small clique duo. Meanwhile, Winifred parents struggle with a watchful eye their daughters behaviors. Winifred being the oldest also influences her younger sisters without knowing it. Some might criticize her parents for allowing her to watch and listen to Lady Gaga; however, it’s difficult to hide city children in a digital era from popular singers that embrace their sexuality through their music and style.   
Now, Laura is ten years older than Winifred and lives in Texas. The teacher assistant is unhappy and tormented. Although she’s a beautiful and a healthy young woman, she believes her labia is uneven. After her ex-boyfriend compared her body with a porn star – the 22 year-old insecurities consummated her with one goal in mind…a labia reduction is the cure. Laura thinks the body of a porn star is what attracts men. 

In order to reach her goal, Laura takes a second job to pay her surgery. Finally, it’s the day of her surgery and her mother supports her decision, yet it makes her mother sad to know the reason behind the surgery. Although the final result makes Laura happy- in reality, her decision is not to satisfy herself, but for her future boyfriend. What would happen if her next boyfriend says she needs bigger breasts like Porn stars…will she get breast implants?

Lastly, Nichole aka Nakita Kash is a former porn star. The 32 year-old is famous in the adult industry and became known in mainstream television through the show, America’s Got Talent. Currently, Nichole teaches the art of pole dancing and she’s starting a new chapter of her life…marriage. Nichole is not shy about her past and knows the effects of porn both the good and the bad of the industry. The career may bring quick wealth, still Nichole firmly states making love and pornographic sex are opposite realities. Making love is mutual and a beautiful feeling between a couple that evokes happiness. Meanwhile, porn sex is with a stranger and its artificial.

Nichole does not literally say this message,yet it is clear her definition of pornography in society. She cautions the audience about it and teenagers shouldn’t watch it while they are 12 or 13. It may disfigure the reality of women, image and sex. 

Overall, pornography has merged into everyday language, image, and culture. The staggering effect is how younger generations are already influenced by it and imitating it. Sexting is common among teenagers and its viewed as a common thing to do because it’s popular. Even the simple ‘Like’ function in Facebook becomes a pivotal push into a sexualized image because is well received by most people.  

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