I AM CAIT: Jenner’s Rebirth

Cait Jenner made her debut in the cover of Vanity Fair earlier this year. Finally, on July 26th, E! premiered I Am Cait – this is the second groundbreaking series featuring a transgender person (I Am Jazz on TLC) on a major television network.

The first episode of Jenner’s series opens with a serious tone. Cait begins narrating how many people have been murdered and shamed for being transgender. She feels it is her responsibility to help others.

Although the series follows Cait’s journey; the series also focuses on transgender awareness. Cait does point out continuously that honesty is a priority. In addition, the pilot shows that everyone has a different way to accept Jenner’s decision. For example, Kylie (Cait’s youngest daughter) meets her and it was easy according to Jenner; however, her mother feels that it will take time to let Bruce go.

Certainly, it takes courage to start a new life; nonetheless, Cait wants to help other transgender people of all ages. She states, “we need more tolerance in society.” Indeed, acceptance is key to prevent the staggering suicide rates in the transgender community.

Cait proves that it may have taken her decades to become the woman she always had inside of her; nonetheless, suicide is never the answer because being transgender is not a crime. If you know someone or you are contemplating suicide please seek for help. Visit http://www.thetrevorproject.org or call 1-866-488-7386


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