42 Lessons from: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Today is the birthday of a good friend of mine and it is also the fifth anniversary of Alsy365! In honor of this awesome day, I wrote a simple, but fun article honoring one of my favorite films, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. So, here it is the 42 lessons that Pedro Almodovar’s film provide.

Sony Classic Pictures 

1. Some issues can’t be solved with sleeping pills

2. An ex will never pick up his/her suitcase with his/her junk after a breakup

3. A Jehovah Witness will always speak the truth

4. If you’re a well-known actor/actress, some will hate without a reason (I think that’s a universal phenomenon)

5. Two sofas is still a cool concept

6. Trying to kidnap your ex is an awful idea

7. Gazpacho is great with a day-old bread

8. Virginity is cultural, not physical

Sony Pictures Classics

9. A week -old love-affair can lead to horrible consequences

10. When in doubt, wear red

11. Don’t smoke

12. Ducks won’t jump even if you beg them to do so

13. A Mambo-leopard lover cab driver is once in a lifetime experience

14. Pink underwear and pink tights with pink shoes is a no-no

15. Not all feminist lawyers are nice towards women

16. Carry eye-drops at all times

17. A stutterer can make an anonymous call to the police

18. Listening a song that reminds you of your ex is a bad idea

19. Yanking off a record and throwing it out the window, which ends up hitting a mean person is God’s will (Too bad we live in the digital era)

20. Don’t sell your penthouse if you’re unsure

21. Dreams can predict the future

22. Don’t ignore your voicemail even if your best friend is a persistent caller

23. People can be terrorists even if they are emotional terrorists

24. If an ex doesn’t respond to your calls even you have something crucial to talk to them…the ex will never answer back

25. Never drink a beverage from a strangers house, it might be spiked with sleeping pills

Sony Classic Pictures & @eurios

26. News anchors should drink water on live TV

27. Shoes do not drop from the sky without a legit reason

28. Sitting on a bench at nighttime might bring interesting views (you’re snooping)

29. Men do cry

30. Women can dance oddly while wearing her underwear

31. Unexpectedly, you can meet your ex’s son

32. Some lies can protect others

33. Slapping a mean person can relieve your stress

34. Throwing away your ex’s suitcase is a triumphal moment

35. Never read a strangers note, the author might find out

36. It’s best to say no after two days filled with bad news

  Sony Classic Pictures & @The_RedList

37. Walking the streets of Madrid at night is both good and bad

38. At all times, a mask can help

39. Never leave an unattended cigar, it will burn your mattress

40. Don’t lie about your sanity

41. Phone booths did exist and they were not great places to hide (It’s kind of nostalgic)

42. In 48 hours, everything can change

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  1. The Pop Culture Rainman™ · May 30, 2015

    Great blog and I’m curious how long you have been using this disclaimer at the bottom of your posts?

    • Alsy365 · May 30, 2015

      Hi, thanks for the comment and question. And, I post the disclaimer every time there are pictures or videos featured in the article. In this case, I am not the creator nor the owner of these pictures.

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