Why Red Door Animal Shelter Matters?

More than a decade ago, The Red Door Animal Shelter open its doors to rescue cats, dogs, and rabbits. The shelter is one of the few animal shelters that is a “No Kill Shelter.” This mention is crucial to understand the difference between a no kill shelter, a pound, and a shelter. Between a shelter and a pound it is common to rescue or relinquish animals to these places, but the animal has a grace period to stay. Because of space limitations, if the animal has not been adopted then the animal is euthanize. My skin crawled when I learned this horrible truth; however, not all shelters are measured the same. The Red Door Animal Shelter will keep the animals until their adoption. The RDAS was also featured in the popular talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2009.


According to their blog, Behind the Red Door posted an article on Huey’s story and Red Doors’ commitment..

Huey was severely abused as a kitten and, as a result, suffers neurological damage. The cat has no control over his hind legs, tail and bladder. Huey was brought to Red Door as a kitten. He has lived at the shelter ever since. Red Door employees estimate that the cat is now between 8 and 10 years old. The extra care that he requires makes it hard to find a home for Huey said employees at Red Door.

A few years back, I met Huey. He is a very sweet and a playful cat, but he is an elderly cat. Most of his time he is laying down, yet likes to get attention such as caressing his soft head. Huey’s story touched my heart deeply because he is a survivor and if it wasn’t for the Red Door Animal Shelter care, Huey’s future would have been a tragic one.

Behind the Red Door: Huey

Red Door Animal Shelter is not governmental funded. In other words, the shelter does not receive city, state, or federal funds because they are 501(c)(3) organization. The 501(c)(3) organization means that their funds are from private donations and grants from private foundations. How can you help? click this link http://www.reddoorshelter.org/donations.html From cleaning products to office supplies will help the shelter to continue their mission.

On May 13, 2009: RDAS (Red Animal Shelter) appeared in ABC channel 7 news. The local news broadcast the story of Ramone and Lucky. These rabbits from Kuwait were rescued by a couple from Illinois. The rabbits were spotted in a Kuwait market; however, Ramone and Lucky were not the only rabbits in the market, but there was at least 15 rabbits. Sadly, the couple could not rescue all the rabbits. They wanted to make a difference and they were able to take two: Ramone and Lucky. A year and a half later, the couple were transferred to Germany and in the European country is it prohibited to import rabbits. The couple from Batavia, Illinois decided to bring Lucky and Ramone to the shelter.

Oprah’s Facebook Picture

In the same year, Red Door volunteers Lou and Steve thanked the acclaimed actress, Betty White for her generous support for RDAS. White has been for many years an animal advocate and certainly a true Golden Girl. Now, the shelter also hosts several events that are fun and to help the shelter. The first time my mother and I heard about RDAS was for their Christmas Bazaar held in November. During the event, they had several stations such as selling items like plushies, cards, and people may bring their pets to take a picture with Santa Claus. What we adored about this event was the fact that animals were also encouraged to come. This is my way to encourage others to help this amazing local shelter. Please check their events and for other inquiries about adoption and donations visit their sites.


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