Fading Gigolo

The five time director, John Turturro stars and directs, Fading Gigolo. Although the film was not a blockbuster hit – Turturro offers a particular view of the quiet transformation of a somewhat mysterious, Fioravanti (Turturro) becoming a gigolo.

*Film Review: It has Spoilers!*

The plot paints several characters that are living a lack luster life. After Murray’s (Woody Allen) bookshop closes, Fioravanti looses his second job and remains with his other job as a florist. In a blunt matter, Murray convinces Fioravanti to become a gigolo. As a result, the 80 year-old outspoken pimp, brings a clientele featuring the wealthy dermatologist, Dr. Parker (Sharon Stone) and her close friend, Selima (Sofia Vergara).

In the meantime, Murray also arranges a second employment for Fioravanti as a massage healer. His client is Avigal (Vanessa Paradis), a widow that has not smiled for the last two years. Avigal meets Fioravanti in a different scenario that does not involve carnal pleasure. The widow and Fioravanti develops an affinity that is purely emotional and awakes the jealousy of the Shomrim, Dovi (Liev Schreiber).

He finds Murray’s constant visit to Avigal’s home strange and follows him. Meanwhile, Fioravanti planned menage between Dr. Parker and Selima fails because the women realizes he’s in love. Yet, will Fioravanti have the ‘Vivian Ward’ happy ending with Avigal?

Turturro cleverly pens characters that have a common trait – the need to fill a void. In Fioravanti’s case, the lack of financial stability and retiring his quiet personality (in a very unconventional matter) he fills a void in his life. For the dermatologist played by Sharon Stone, her character comes as a stereotypical successful career woman with a colorless marriage leaving her sexually unsatisfied; nonetheless, quietly her character unveils that sexual satisfaction is not the key for her happiness. It’s the undivided attention she receives from the gigolo. Lastly, the depressed widower finally breaks free from her sadness with Fioravanti’s sensitivity.

In conclusion, Fading Gigolo explores and exposes sexuality, yet it is not the entire film. Is about the investment of emotions and finding a different route in life even if it’s not the most decent one.

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