Leaked or Hacked: Another Photographic Breach

In today’s society with social media or overall any related subject called technology may also equal  jeopardizing ones privacy. Sadly, the exposure of ones privacy is at a higher risk when the person is in politics or is a celebrity. In the recent case of hacking, the award-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence intimate and partially nude photographs surfaced on today’s news. She isn’t the first actress having her privacy violated. Among the long list of celebrities since the early 80s have had intimate or private moments exposed to the world.

THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY from the article: ‘Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Clothes Sell for $12,000 at Auction’ http://www.hollywoodreporter.com

My article is not criticizing Lawrence for taking semi-nude photographs because after all she’s still a human like other actresses such as Vanessa Hudgens, Mila Kunis, Demi Lovato and more has faced this dilemma in the past. And because they are still ordinary people, they will record or snap photographs of themselves even if they are not intended for the world to see; however, no matter how many times women and men been warned – these leaking or hacking occurs commonly in our era. Whether the reader reading this article is or is not a celebrity, take in consideration that out there are people with horrid intentions that may used these private files to either  seek revenge, embarrass, demand, or profit with your reputation. Mainly if the image includes a compromising content. It’s all about protecting your privacy and let’s face it ones tranquility too. Like my friend says, ‘you don’t want to take a picture that your grandmother might end up seeing.’ Lastly, the best way to avoid this unfortunate fate is to NOT RECORD OR SNAP PHOTOGRAPHS of such nature. If the moment is special enough, there is no  necessity of recording it or photographing it.

Finally, I have also included Forbes article called, Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence And Kate Upton Leak: Five Important  Lessons For All of Us by Joseph Steinberg. The article offers a higher content on how to protect iCloud‘s account since both actresses accounts had an iCloud. And like Steingberg, I share the same opinion which we sympathize with the victims and the hackers pay for their crime. After all, a violation to ones privacy is punishable by the law.


 Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence And Kate Upton Leak: Five Important  Lessons For All of Us  http://www.forbes.com/sites/josephsteinberg/2014/08/31/nude-photos-of-jessica-lawrence-and-kate-upton-leak-five-important-lessons-for-all-of-us/

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