The Other Woman

*Warning: This article contains spoilers*

Many critics found the comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton – unoriginal and filled with cheap laughs; however, The Other Woman brings the aftermath of a liaison with a humorous twist.

The Other Woman Poster Source of the Image: Wikipedia

The Other Woman follows the story of three very different women with a common denominator called, Mark. The film opens with a successful lawyer named, Carly (Diaz). She’s dating Mark, a rich investor. Their relationship is seemingly strong, but after Mark’s rapid exit – Carly decides to surprise Mark, but she meets his wife, Kate (Mann).

The following morning, Kate appears in Carly’s office to meet her. Out of loneliness and perhaps a little-desperation, Kate starts an odd friendship with Carly. Shortly after their meet, Kate thinks that Carly broke her promise and continues seeing Mark. Yet, they realize that Mark is seeing a third woman!

Days later, Kate and Carly secretly follows Mark to the Hamptons and they meet Amber (Upton). Suddenly, Kate, Carly, and Amber forge an alliance to teach Mark a lesson. As time passes, the women discover that Mark’s dishonesty goes beyond cheating on women, but his businesses are frauds. It’s even worse when the head of his fraudulent companies are under his wife’s name. With a mixture of humor and brilliant planning, the women face Mark with a divorce and returning the money to the rightful owners.

Overall, The Other Woman is a hilarious film with a golden trio of funny women. My final grade is 8/10.

What are the weak points of this film?
-This isn’t an original story or fresh

Why should I watch this film?
-There are many parts that you’ll laugh-out-loud
-Mann, Diaz, and Upton are hilarious
-You’ll want to watch this film again!

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