A Closer Observation of Girl Meets World

*I am aware that season one has not ended yet; however, as I continue to watch the show, I want to point out certain details that the sitcom need to improve before the end of its freshmen year.*

Like many shows, the freshmen season is a tough one and Girl Meets World is not the exception. (I didn’t watch its parent show, Boy Meets World because I was too young. Therefore, a comparison towards the original series will not occur.) Yet, it is notable that Girl Meets World doesn’t follow the typical Disney format. By no means, I am not criticizing this departure; at the contrary, I praise it. Still, Girl Meets World needs to refine its storyline and their characters development.

For example, the protagonist, Riley is a good girl, but her character is one-dimensional. Although her character is sweet and funny; nonetheless, Riley’s personality falls flat with her best friend and co-protagonist, Maya. She is a rebellious girl growing up in a troubled home. Even though Maya’s story is interesting; the writers are unaware that her character is becoming the focal point of the show. This phenomenon also occurred in How I Meet Your Mother. The show followed Ted Mosbey’s journey along with his friends before meeting his wife. Like Riley, Ted’s character was living in Barney Stinson’s shadow.

The main issue with Riley’s character is that she only has two focuses in life: Maya and Lucas. Her character does show maturity when she tries to comfort Maya when she’s troubled; however, her attention quickly shifts to Lucas. Without Maya or Lucas, Riley’s character would be a lively extra. In order to improve this gap, Riley’s personality needs more dimension; therefore, it creates a balance between the two girls. As a result, the storyline will greatly improve.

Altogether, Girl Meets World is a family oriented show that follows Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World) as parents of their teenage daughter, Riley. The show is designed for a teenage audience and even some parents may enjoy it. GMW replaced Disney’s hit, Good Luck Charlie after it ended its final season in early 2014. And it is a good successor, but it does need to improve because Good Luck Charlie was a hilarious show.

In the end, my current grade for this series is a 7/10

Why is GMW good to watch?
• The characters are fun and sweet
• The parents care for Riley’s life, but they also care for her best friend, Maya
Farkle is like Austin and Ally’s character, Dez, but he is not a replica of Dez. His flamboyant and flirtatious personality makes it difficult to ignore the comedic character
• There is a life lesson in every episode
Riley’s parents are not perfect. Much like their daughter, they are learning too

What’s weak in GMW?
Riley’s character is not a leader, but a follower
Riley needs a stronger storyline
• Unintentionally, Girl Meets World is becoming Maya Meets World


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