That’s the Dandy Way! (Contains Spoilers)

Toonami starts the New Year with a bang! The world premiere of Space Dandy airs on January 4, 2014 in America first before hitting Japanese television sets. But, before its premiere, FUNimation uploaded a nine minute sneak peek of the series. From those nine minutes, I already knew I am correct about it…Space Dandy is out of this world. And I openly admit when I heard that Shinichirō Watanabe directs the series, for sure my bets would have turned into a hefty jackpot if it was the lottery. (Yes, the pilot episode is that good, folks!)

Now, if Watanabe’s name doesn’t sound familiar, he is responsible for directing acclaimed series such as Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Therefore, the mixture of jazz, space, and unique characters did emerge much like his previous works. However, some might be asking what is Space Dandy about? What made episode one: “Live With the Flow, Baby” memorable?

Bones/Project Space Dandy From the New York Times Article:The Alien Hunter as Lounge Lizard ‘Space Dandy’ Makes Its U.S. Premiere on Adult Swim By Mike Hale

Space Dandy starts with an Elvis wanna-be type of character known as Dandy. He’s the protagonist of the series and much like his name, Dandy is well-groomed; he’s obsessed with hair gel, and “Boobies.” (By the way, “Boobies” is the space version of Hooters) Yet, Dandy is no millionaire. His job is to capture new alien species and if indeed is a new species – Dandy gets paid. But as I mentioned before, he’s broke because his trusty robot companion, QT mentions their lack of funds. Dandy still has dated technology which is slow including QT.

Throughout the episode, QT spots a rare breed that is similar to a well-known alien cat, but the spotted cat has a mark on his face; ergo, it might be a new species. In a speed of light with stunning visuals, Dandy captures the cat until he notices the cat only has a sticker on his face. In other words, the whole chase is futile…well not exactly. Dandy didn’t waste his time because the cat offers his knowledge on unknown species throughout outer space.

Yet, the space cat is re-named by Dandy as Meow because he fails to understand the pronunciation of his real name. FYI, Meow dislikes his new name, yet he still goes for it anyway. In end, Meow is the third character that joins Dandy’s troop. In the meantime, a mysterious character called, Dr. Gel follows the strict orders of his boss to capture Dandy.

The show left the audience with an immense thirst for the next episode. Overall, Space Dandy is funny, adventurous, and highly entertaining…I do have a minor concern. The majority of Watanabe’s series are notoriously short, so will Space Dandy be the same in that aspect? Obviously, the viewers and I will find out soon, but I cannot wait for next Saturday. Great job, Toonami!

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