Best of 2013 in…Television

2013 waived farewell to many series such as 30 Rock and Breaking Bad which left their fans wanting more. Of course, returning series and new shows established new fandom.

Best of 2013 and Also the Bad

30 Rock Official Facebook Page

Nerds!: Kicking off the start of 2013 was the ending of 30 Rock. I admit I wanted more seasons from the NBC hit; however, it was the first goodbye of one the best comedy series for the past seven years.

Rising Star: It is no secret that everyone would have liked for Scandal’s lead actress, Kerry Washington to win the Emmy; however, it is certain that Washington is an actress that is marking her territory with bigger roles in the future.

Political Elegance: First Lady, Michelle Obama presented the winner of the Oscar’s Best Picture this year. The prestigious award was won by Argo.

Michelle Obama On Oscars Criticism: ‘Absolutely Not Surprising’ By DARLENE SUPERVILLE 03/01/13 09:13 AM ET EST Huffington Post


Birthday Soap: The Young and The Restless celebrate 40 years of anniversary.

Move On: After 25 years, the reality show called Cops moved to Spike TV.

Best for Kids: Good Luck Charlie started its final season on April of this year. By far, this series is one of the best I’ve seen Disney release in years.

Good Luck Charlie – Disney Facebook Page

Hart Rules: Real Husbands of Hollywood settled one thing clear that Kevin Hart is a brilliant comedian making him a household name in films and taking over our TV set even hosting SNL.

Science Knows how to Rock: The Big Bang Theory continues to charm the audiences every Thursday night including the well-deserved Emmy wins for Jim Parsons and Bob Newhart’s first win as Professor Proton.

X’s: FX’s daring series, American Horror Story: Coven engages the viewers with mind-blowing plots with a new storyline centering in the mystic city of New Orleans with witches and voodoo in the mix. Then, later on during the year, FX releases their sister channel called FXX. The sad twist of this new channel is that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia among other series were moved to this channel that is not available in every satellite or cable package.

The Simpsons – Facebook

DOH and Oh, No: So, FOX celebrates the successful 26th anniversary of their animated show, The Simpsons. Doh! It has 26 years already! Then, towards the end of the year, the creator of the series, The Family Guy brought a disgraceful plot in their 12th season. In a graphic matter, the lovable character, Brian dies. Of course, Seth MacFarlane added this horrific event to the show’s boost ratings and get the much-needed attention to his show since its ratings were slumping in comparison to previous years. The public ranted against his decision and Brian is now back.

VMA: For sure, the former Disney starlet, Miley Cyrus exposed herself more than imagined. She appeared nude in her song, Wrecking Ball and “twerked” with the R&B singer, Robin Thicke in this year’s VMA’s. I didn’t find her PR move brilliant..Cyrus is making twerking the next Macarena…please, just stop it.

Netflix: Digital is in while Blockbuster is now out. Netflix released a series of digital series that gained attention from its subscribers and award nominations for Arrested Development, House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and Orange is the New Black.

Felina: The acclaimed series, Breaking Bad concluded this past September with their series finale called, Felina. The AMC drama gained 10.28 million of viewers on their series finale.

Breaking Bad AMC Facebook

Beyond the Office: In this year, The Office closed its business after nine years. The finale was an accurate one with the marriage of Dwight and Angela with the return of Michael Scott as their best man. The finale included with fair endings such as Pam and Jim moving to their new jobs and crazy twists such as Creed’s arrest for his numerous crimes.

Williams is Back: After decades dedicating himself to act in films – Robin Williams is back in the new series called, The Crazy Ones. By far, this debutant show is one of the best of 2013.

Pushy Parents: New shows that did not leave a mark in my mind are The Millers, and Dads. Both shows have a common denominator…bossy parents even the series Sean Saves the World. The old plots that include overbearing parents are over used and tedious to watch.

Season 2 is Better: The Mindy Project is a hilarious show starring Mindy Kaling. In comparison to its freshmen season, The Mindy Project in its sophomore season comes with a refined sense of comedy with a polished storyline. Making The Mindy Project a returning comedy series a favorite one for a renewal…hopefully.

The Mindy Project – FOX Facebook

Lately: Chelsea Handler’s NBC series failed, but her E! mockumentary: After Lately continues to be poignantly hilarious.

Not-so-Legendary: In their ninth and final season, How I Met Your Mother episodes have been boring to watch with the whole Barney and Robin marriage. It would have been better to present the mother during the entire season. Although the final episode airs in 2014, HIMYM is not ending the series in an AWESOME matter so far. I hope their new episodes improve to truly present a legendary series finale.

Cool Waitresses: Two Broke Girl$ is getting better in every episode they air. Their third season concludes in spring of 2014.

Brides to Bootcamp: The WE channel ended the reality show, Bridezillas with a new beginning. Now, in its upcoming second season, Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas unites under one roof former Bridezillas with troubled marriages. So far, their debuting season demonstrated a new leaf with these bratty wives. The new season of Marriage Bootcamp starts in March.

London and Kelly: Another goodbye was the acclaimed series, What Not To Wear. This is another show that I personally would have not liked to conclude.

Tattooing with an Edge: The A&E series, Bad Ink engages the audience in a humorous matter the artistry of covering up regrettable tattoos into masterpieces. The second season airs in January.

Esquire: Style Network closed its doors to bring its male version called the Esquire Network.

Hosting Part Two: Former SNL alums, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosted the 2013 Golden Globes and the funny duo are set to return in 2014.

Great and Bad TV and Mini-Series Films: The worst film Lifetime released this year was Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret making the Travis’ Alexander tragedy into a commercialized and over sexualized film that was poorly plotted and rushed. Another example was Sharnado…although it is a film that aired on the SYFY channel, so should I really place this one on the bad TV film category? Now, the best TV films or mini-series were Phil Spector, Behind the Candelabra, Anna Nicole, The Bible, House of Versace, Crazy, Cool, Sexy: The TLC Story, Bonnie and Clyde: Dead and Alive, Killing Kennedy, and Parade’s End.

Lil Mama, Keke Palmer, And Drew Sidora As The Members Of TLC VH1


Rihanna’s New Team Member: The famous singer, Rihanna presented a unique competition much like Project Runway on Bravo called Styled to Rock. In this competition, the grand prize is to design clothes for Rihanna. The series had stellar guests like Naya Rivera from Glee, Kylie Minogue, Khloe Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and others. Personally, what I liked about this show is that the judges truly judged the design and not the designers’ personalities.

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