Bonnie & Clyde: Part I – Young Love is Wild and Dangerous

Photo credits : Courtesy of Lifetime Bonnie & Clyde Movie Photos

Lifetime, A&E, and the History channel aired Bonnie and Clyde: Part 1 on Sunday night. With an experienced cast like Emile Hirsch as Clyde, William Hurt, Holly Hunter, and Holliday Grainger as Bonnie – Bang! Bang! Part one introduces through Clyde’s voice-over narrative his life with Bonnie before their horrid death in 1934.

Through the eyes of Clyde, his life starts with petty crimes at a young age with his older brother. Years later, Clyde and his brother continues with small robberies. Later on, they go to a wedding party. At the wedding party, Clyde is immediately smitten by the blushing bride, Bonnie.

Bonnie on the other hand is married, but already her marriage is in trouble. In her honeymoon, her husband drops a bomb. He is going away and their trip to LA and New York are a bust. Time has passed; Bonnie has a tantrum over a rejection from Columbia Pictures. Though her mother comforts her, it does not suffice her frustrations about her marriage and her dreams of becoming an actress.

Because she’s unhappy and abandoned by her husband, she accepts Clyde’s invitation. From that date, Bonnie and Clyde never looked back. Their romantic and criminal life is about to start. The duo has a rough start in their unlawful career. Clyde has several arrests including a long sentence. During his time in prison, Bonnie is a fateful writer and Clyde is painfully abused. After he’s released from jail, Clyde returns to his robberies. Although, it is interesting that Clyde did not want Bonnie to rob with him. Later on, he realizes that she’s a formidable partner.

Bonnie & Clyde: Part I is an exciting story with flawless characters in the making. Grainger portrays Bonnie with the same level of insanity and razzle-dazzle that Roxy Heart demonstrates in the play, Chicago. Emile Hirsch as Clyde is convincing and drives the audience, but Clyde shines with Bonnie. Without Bonnie, Clyde’s character would not spark.

In conclusion, Part I deserves a solid B+ because it is an introduction – ergo, their crime spree is slowly presented in Sunday’s episode. Yet, what makes Bonnie and Clyde: Part I notable is the characters colorful personalities, style, and their dare devil choices excite the viewer towards Bonnie and Clyde: Part II airing tomorrow night on all three networks.

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