The End of Black Friday?

Not that long ago, Walmart shocked America by opening its doors a day before Black Friday. Of course, other competitors jumped on the bandwagon as well. To me, it is absolutely absurd to still call it “Black Friday” when doors open on Thursday at 8pm. Yes marketing experts, I am aware this is business;however, the latest JC Penny commercial sparked a discomfort within me.

The 20 second story line is effective and clear because the commercial is setting up a map of instructions for the consumers. Eat your meal and then shop. What’s missing if this message was real life? Ignore the point of Thanksgiving. Ignore the joyous moment many families spend together on the special night. I openly admit, I like to savor my meal. I have also joked in the past that I just wait for the huge turkey dinner and the leftovers. Yet, that is not the whole point of Thanksgiving. Many companies, schools, and other places close their doors earlier to allow families spend together. Because here’s perhaps an ordinary day of many people out there: parents are at work and kids are at school. While one of the parents are back home trying to cook the meal, there are other appointments to take care of before the end of the day. By the time it’s 11pm, the majority of people are getting ready for the next day. Therefore, taking away the purpose of Thanksgiving is ridiculous.

As a child, my mom waited for Black Friday to buy our Christmas gifts among other discounts that were available. Still, I remembered enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner and eating my breakfast at 6am. Then, all the girls of my family would go to Toys R Us. We didn’t go every year; although, Black Friday starting on a Thursday night is ambitious and deep down cruel.

I can sit down and criticize about big business and capitalism;however, I also take in consideration that there are many families out there that has a job and financial stability because of these employment at departmental stores. Nonetheless, I directly scrutinize the message that is deleting the purpose of Thanksgiving. Families out there, I humbly say- A sale can wait. Just a few hours if you desperately need to gain those deals. Who am I to judge if you are going to bargain your deals? Having that said, is it a sale worth sacrificing quality time with your loved ones? Enjoy your day off, prep and eat the dinner delightfully with no rush. Go to sleep and then of its “tradition” go and see what discounts are there available. Seriously, after or before Black Friday, the majority of the items eventually get their prices slashed.

Remember how many peopled begged for the iPhone 4? It wasn’t Black Friday and still people went gaga for the new iPhone 5 and iPhone color. I still have my iPhone 4S. Got it for an affordable price way before November of 2013 came its way and it works just fine. I’m staying home and I’m going to enjoy my day off with my family and pets. No rush. Enjoy Thanksgiving and be grateful for your family, health, friends, love, harmony, and that you can enjoy a delicious meal on your table.

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