The Crazy Ones/ Brooklyn Nine-Nine/ Mom: Reviews

I must say that after 30 Rock ended this past January, I felt quite sad. Besides The Big Bang Theory and The Mindy Project, 30 Rock is still the best among other previews sitcoms I’ve seen in the past; however, the newcomers like The Crazy Ones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Mom sitcoms where enough to rank high scores after their pilot? Well, in the case of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has one episode ahead in comparison towards the other two, yet is their advantage enough?

NBC: 30 Rock

Let me start with the series, Mom. The new CBS series comes from the brains behind, The Big Bang Theory and Two & Half Men. The pilot started funny (that’s the point, right?) with Faris crying at every table she served and still working as a server in a high-end restaurant. To make matters worse, she is a recovering alcoholic much like her mother (Janney). Trying to patch up with her troubled teenage daughter, Faris decides to reconcile with her aloof mother. Definitely, the pilot introduced the outcome of two messed up generations and Faris’ very annoying teenage daughter. Every character was fine, except for her the daughter, Violet. She is stereotypical and an off-beat tone to the episode. If the character is out of the series – I would not miss Violet. Overall, if they do not commit the mistake of ranting their past and whinnying like a broken record – the series should do fine. In the end, Mom’s pilot earns a C the episode is funny and somewhat forgettable in certain areas.

CBS: Mom

Now, Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox is a series about an NYPD detective that is sloppy and an idiot that needs to grow up. Lead actor and former SNL alum, Andy Sandberg is Jake Peralta. His character is much like Steve Carrell’s childish lead as Michael Scott during his time in The Office. The casting choice is great because it has a lineup of known actors like Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, and Andre Braugher. So far, the pilot explained why Peralta continues to be a man-child because their former boss would let him do anything he wanted. I do hope that Crews role gets expanded in the series because he is a phenomenal actor and I think his character is a bit dim in comparison to other roles in the series. In terms of the pilot, it held some gaps. Yet, the episode as a total is hilarious. The last 10 minutes had continuous situations that saved them from a lower grade. The Fox series aired episode two and it is an improvement in comparison to episode one. My final grade for the pilot B-

Fox: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Lastly, The Crazy Ones on CBS. This new series has a film legend back in the small screen, Robin Williams. The last time Williams starred in a sitcom was 32 years ago in Mork and Mindy. Nonetheless, The Crazy Ones also brings Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Hamish Linklater. So far, the pilot is the best one I’ve seen so far. It is flawless and crazy. The series follows the father and daughter duo (Williams and Gellar) as advertisement agents in Chicago. Simon (Williams) is divorced, rehab survivor, and uniquely creative. His spirit and lack of seriousness pulls his genius in the most unconventional matter. In the meantime, his daughter and protégé, Sydney (Gellar) is serious, prone to nervousness because of her father’s antics, but in the end, she has her father’s insane DNA. The episode explored the scenes behind the tough job to convince McDonalds on their new commercials of reviving an old favorite with a fresh twist and bring Kelly Clarkson to sing the jingle. While, Simon gets Clarkson on board, she also has her request to re-launch her new image as a sexual vixen. Although Simon failed to get her approval (after a line of non-stop ridiculous character development by Williams and James Wolk), Sydney demonstrated why classy works well with burgers. Collectively, The Crazy Ones aimed for the best and got it. Out of all three pilots, this series is exciting and I cannot wait for episode two. My final grade is an A+

CBS: The Crazy Ones


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