Dallas Buyers Club and Don Jon

Matthew McConaughey’s, Dallas Buyers Club is already shaking the critics with early  positive reviews. Already McConaughey has an impressive résumé under his belt with The Lincoln Lawyer and future release of The Wolf of Wall Street- the Texan native is a dedicated actor by loosing an impressive amount of weight to portray the late, Ron Woodroof.  In the film, Ron is a well-known womanizer that gets a rude awakening in 1986 when he’s diagnosed with AIDS/HIV. Woodroof turns his dire diagnose into a mission to bring illegal medicine to help others and himself. DBC offers a loosely biopic of the beginnings of medications to treat AIDS/HIV in the late 80s, a time when President Reagan denied American scientists to investigate AIDS/HIV solutions because of his conservative beliefs.

In other cinema news, Joseph Gordon- Levitt writes and stars in his directorial debut as Don Jon. The comedy is about Don (Joseph), a macho man filled with rules: work, gym, women, and porn. Suddenly his views are questioned when he starts dating Barbara (Scarlett Johansson).

On the opposite spectrum, Don’s girlfriend, Barbara loves romantic films and believes that Don is her Prince Charming. Indeed, he is charming, but he is no prince when she discovers his addiction to porn. The debutant brings socio-cultural stereotypes and unrealistic relationship expectations that clashes with the fantasy worlds of romanticism and the objectification of women.

For now, I cannot offer a review because these films have not been theatrically released yet; however, both motion pictures have captured my attention because they seem interesting films to look forward in the future.

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