Are you a Bridezilla?

Love and then marriage, but the step before the big day takes place is the wedding planning. Planning for a wedding depends on the budget and life itself because there might be an emergency that will halt the special date; however, in the last 10 years, the reality show, Bridezillas have aired (there is an editing process in every episode) embarrassing women having constant tantrums in the process. So, there are notable signs of the brides that flash a red light of warning that might become or be a bridezilla!

Dawn Clark Photo by WE Tv’s Reality Show Bridezilla’s Facebook Page 2008

How do you know you are or you are dealing with a bridezilla?

  1. Royal Narcissist Ego: Many of these bridezillas requests a royal treatment like queens or princesses. Of course, on their special day, the bride is a princess or a queen! Nonetheless, expecting your family, friends or bridesmaids to act like your personal servants or slaves is idiotic. If the bride explodes for tardiness or expecting for the person to respond their request even if the person is at work is selfish.
  2. Asking for Discounts: If the bride goes to a wedding boutique and suddenly asks for discount because she is a special bride…darling you are not the only person getting married. All brides are special, so you are not a unique person to get a discount out of thin air. Some extremes have gone into asking or demanding free services! Brides forget that if you want to get married keep in mind that you have to create a budget.
  3. Platinum wedding with the Budget of $100: It is impossible to wish for a platinum or celebrity type of wedding when the available budget is $2,000. Even with a low-budget wedding, there are many ways to create an unforgettable wedding with proper planning and not over spending.
  4. Strict Rules for Bridesmaids: When choosing a bridesmaid, the bride is picking special people who are part of her life; however, a typical bridezilla wants to control her bridesmaids’ entire life until the wedding day. It is rude to ask the bridesmaid to pay for their dress, lose weight, cover their tattoos, or anything that might change the bridesmaid physically and psychology. This bossy and possessive attitude will drive people away.
  5. Micromanaging: When organizing a wedding, rehearsal and alterations are crucial, yet the bride must keep in mind that everyone involved in the wedding has responsibilities and a life too! If you know a bride and demands your presence even if you are sick, then that bride is a bridezilla.
  6. Procrastination: For some reason, some bridezilla’s leave everything for the last second. Do not expect an order of 300 cupcakes for an affordable price and for this order complete the next day. Do not expect alterations hours before the wedding. Or flowers out of season available on the store. Do your research. Lastly, if the bride is late for an appointment (such as, hair appointment), then it is silly to get mad at the owner of the salon. By all means, be organized and be on time! Or call to rescheduled or cancel the appointment.
  7. Prone to Argument or Yelling: The bride before getting the ring will show this nasty behavior ahead of time. If the bride likes to explode like a ticking bomb for the most stupid things. Beware… you will not escape her rage.
  8. Bragging about Your Wealth: If money isn’t an issue, bragging about your wealth or material stuff is the most annoying thing to do. Screaming to the world your engagement ring was over $1,000 does not guarantee a happy marriage. If a bridezilla has a great budget, the most inconsiderate thing to do is talking over and over how expensive was the dress as a prized glory. An expensive dress or anything that is pricey does not mean it has a great quality. Nonetheless, it’s a tacky attitude and it makes the person look cheap and desperate.
  9.  Demanding Money from Others: When the bride asks her bridesmaids or anyone involved in the wedding to join her for shopping or even dinner…do not demand for others to pay for your stuff unless they are the ones inviting you. For example, the bride is buying her shoes for her wedding ($800) and expects for her bridesmaid to pay for her shoes. First, it’s the bride’s wedding, not the bridesmaid, so dear bride pay for your own junk. Second, the bridezilla often does not consider if the person has the money to pay for an expensive item. Even if the shoes were $12 bucks, that’s simply abusive. Lastly, unless the individual offers to pay for it without being asked, then this is their gift for the bride.
  10. Asking for Expensive Gifts: If you are aware that your friends are the everyday average worker (minimum wage), then do not expect emerald rings as a gift. Be reasonable if you are planning a wedding registry; be aware of your guests’ financial situation. With today’s economy, jobs are scarce and there is a possibility that more than one guest is going through a financial hardship. In addition, if one or more guests recently became parents, their finances will be tight because of the diapers and other expenses. Lastly, do not put a money-box and expect for your guests to put money on the box…oh, that is extremely tacky!
  11.  Mean to their Future Spouses: The bridezilla loves to humiliate her husband in one way or another. The humiliation can vary, but the most common abusive attitudes are yelling at the groom for no reason, ordering him around, and even physically hitting him. Anyhow, this kind of behavior is domestic abuse even if you are not a bridezilla.

Planning for a wedding cannot become a battlefield. Organization is crucial if the bride is not using a wedding planner. Every bride should do a list, conduct research and a budget. By having those three organized, then planning for the wedding is easier and not a headache. Finally, a bridezilla should not emerge just because of the wedding or stay like this!

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