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Photograph by @Monsterella

This past weekend, Chicagoans enjoyed the annual Northalsted Market Days. For years the two-day festival has rocked the Chicago streets and this year was no exception.  Various singers appeared in the Chicago festival lineup which included Aaron Carter’s presentation. Before Market Days, Carter appeared in local station in Chicago like The U! and WGN News. Briefly interviewed, he spoke how thankful he was for his fans and his new single dropping next month. So far, his tour The After Party continuously receives positive reviews and has extended dates until December. Aaron’s last tour was on 2005, but he has not stopped working including Dancing with the Stars and as the protagonist of the famous musical, The Fantasticks.

WGN NEWS: Aaron Carter sings Live

Link from The Music Lounge of the WGN News

During his stop in the Windy City, he sampled his new single on both channels, but the WGN Music Lounge released the video of his presentation. Certainly, the song he performs is new, fresh and romantic! I’m thrilled to buy the single once it comes out. For more information on his tour and any other updates visit

New Singles

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s Photograph from MSN Entertainment Blog: Reverb

Applause by Lady Gaga

Without a doubt, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry made it clear they came to stay. Both singers release their new albums this fall, already many fans are happy with their singles: Applause and Roar. Yet, are both singles exceptionally great? First, Lady Gaga’s, Applause is not as loud or as flashy as her earlier hits, Just Dance or Born this Way. Gaga brings in her signature 80’s sugar-electro pop in her new song released this week. Some reports have expressed Gaga’s anger because the single was available online, but was it really? Honestly, I’m not really believing that leaked singles goes without consent these days. It is a good marketing strategy and the leaking immediately receives media attention and announces drastic decisions such as Gaga’s action to drop the single earlier than expected. Nonetheless, most likely Applause will not get ignored by radio airwaves or commercialization; however, it is not a strong single from her new album, Artpop. By no means, I am not suggesting Applause is not worth buying, but I was expecting something dramatic or as extreme as Gaga’s risqué outfits. Overall, Lady Gaga’s Applause receives a B-

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’ cover art for her new single, “Roar”

Roar by Katy Perry

Now, Katy Perry’s new single from her upcoming album, Prism is great. Roar leaves more than a paw mark, but it is similar to Sara Bareilles song, Brave. My hypothesis is that they have the same mix like 2009 hits produced by OneRepublic’s, Ryan Tedder: Kelly Clarkson’s, Already Gone and Beyoncé’s, Halo. Both received positive reviews and formed unnecessary controversies, but both singers succeeded at the Grammy’s. At the end, no one lost! In the meantime, Roar and Brave may carry similar themes and backgrounds; however, Katy and Sara are great singers that certainly will not compete or fight over it, so how do I grade this song? Listening to Brave left me some mixed feelings how to grade the song. Although I loved it and still do, I support my original grade of B+, since Brave was first it receives an A+ on my behalf. In addition, I was not incorrect in terms of liking Perry’s song over Gaga’s single. iTunes chart of Top singles, Roar is the number one single.

Sara Bareilles cover art for her single, “Brave”

Late Review

Stephen Colbert like many others cannot deny  Daft Punk’s single, Get Lucky is the song of the moment. The last time the French duo created music was for Disney’s, Tron: Legacy in 2008. Now, they returned with fresh material in their new album, Random Access Memories and Get Lucky 70s vibe with Pharrell’s voice creates a worthy future award recognition. There is a noteworthy comparison to their earlier hit, One More Time; however, Daft Punk’s music has always been an exquisite mixture of electronic, disco and funk – it is their signature style! The album, Random Access Memories is a well thought album that it was worth the wait for the robots to come back. Get Lucky earns a worthy A+

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

Daft Punk: Get Lucky

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