DVD Review Rental: Fun Size

Better than expected for a young-adult film (PG-13) by Nickelodeon called, Fun Size. This film stars former Nickelodeon’s star, Victoria Justice (Victorious), Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately), Jane Levy (Suburgatory), and Thomas Mann (Project X). For Josh Schwartz’s (Gossip Girl’s co-creator & The Carrie Diaries) directorial film debut was hilarious and somewhat raunchy for a Nickelodeon film. I was not disappointed with Fun Size there was no dull moment during the 86 minutes. Now the question is… what’s Fun Size about? The comedy movie follows one crazy night after Wren’s (Justice) mother (Handler) makes a sudden deal with her daughter on Halloween night. The deal is a crucial one because if Wren babysat her younger brother and prone to trouble, Albert on Halloween, her mother would sign the NYC papers (the same school her father once attended); however, Wren accepts the deal even though she wanted to go with her desperate for popularity friend, April (Levy) to Aaron Riley’s party aka the most popular and handsome guy at school. Wren is crushed, but she has not given up. With April, they take Albert for trick-o-treating until he gets lost at the haunted house which ruins any possibility to go to Aaron’s party during Albert’s bedtime.

Fun Size poster


Unfortunately, Albert is not only a video game legend, but he also has elective mutism. At first, the assumption of Albert’s constant silence for the last six months is after their father’s death…it is revealed at the end the real reason for his mutism. (Albert is a very sneaky eight year-old boy).


Meanwhile, their mother unknowingly her son is missing, she’s attending with her much younger boyfriend, Keevin a Halloween party. Although she’s dressed like Britney Spears’ famous video clip, …Baby One More Time, none of the party guests recognize her outfit, she feels misplaced and old. Nonetheless, the silent troublemaker makes Wren and her three misfit friends a night filled with comedic chicken bullet fights, poop booms, and endless hysterical calamitous situations that only an eight year-old like Albert could bring to his older sister.

Fun Size lives up to its name because it is fun! Rent it or buy it. I give this directorial debut an 8/10 because it is a non-stop laughing machine, but I do criticize its crude humor and semi-sexual content considering it has a Nickelodeon sticker on it. It does not land on the R- Rated side, yet the PG-13 is appropriate because it is under the parents consideration if they want for their 13 year-old and above to tune in. In my view, this film is targeted to a young-adult demographics of 16 and above.

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