Happy Christmas!

I admit it has been a while I’ve written a post. Until I graduate from College, my blame will be on school. I am being genuinely honest here, but also I have spent quality time with my family. I adore Christmas, I’ve always asked Mr. Claus to change my birthday date to December 24th, but that’s not happening any time soon or actually never; however, that’s how much I love Christmas.

Growing up in Chicago, I confess that my hometown breathes Christmas. We are a very jolly town when it comes to the time Saint Nick. There are certain spots in Chicago that can’t be missed if you are visiting the second city.

Christkindlmarket Chicago

For almost 20 years, the Christkindlmarket offers a very German Christmas market in Daley Plaza. Since I was child, I have enjoyed this fun market. There are several booths that sells foods, ornaments, puppets, and much more. Yet, not all the booths are German, many of the sellers are from South America and other parts of Europe and American. Adults and children enjoy this market greatly because there is a Santa Claus home for the children to visit Saint Nick, while the adults enjoy the beer served in a ceramic boot. It gets really crowded, but that’s the point of this colorful market.

Picture Taken by FV

Picture Taken by FV

 Michigan Avenue

The Magnificent Mile always shine this time of the year. This year was not the exception and before the lights are on, there is a parade to honor Christmas during Thanksgiving Day. This parade is hosted by the City of Chicago and Disney. As usual, Mickey Mouse and his crew opens the Christmas season.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Comed and other sponsors they power the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Christmas lights. They are very colorful, musically coördinated, and its free! Unless you are driving there then the fee may go up to $20.00, yet it worth to enjoy the artistry behind these lights.

Photo by FV

Photo by FV

Photo by FV

Photo by FV

Photo by FV

Photo by FV


Before Macy’s, we had Marshall Field’s and some of its former name lives on. The Walnut Room is a classic when it come during the holiday seasons. The grand tree is a huge expectation because it is very big and often a recognized designer or a celebrity decor the tree. Among the famous alumni that has decorated this tree is Tommy Hilfiger, Martha Stewart, and Vera Wang.

Photo by FV

Photo by FV


Photo by FV

93.5 Light FM

Lastly, Chicago radio 93.5 Light FM airs after Thanksgiving until December 26th…24 hours of Christmas music and commercial free. I listen to it every year.

This is some of the many Chi-town great spots to stop by! Come to Chicago and you’ll love it!!!


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