Sad Day in Sandy Hook Elementary

Friday morning, like any morning parents dropped their children to school. Sadly for many parents in Sandy Hook Elementary, it was the last time they saw their children alive. The 24 year-old, Adam Lanza is identified after he killed himself inside the building. Reports announce 27 children and adults were killed during the shooting. It is a tragic day for America and it is important to say that gun control needs to be imposed and no longer ignored. I also would like to add that my hope is that another Columbine law doesn’t repeat again. After Columbine, gun control laws were not tougher, but the security and zero-tolerance laws with punitive punishment for children mainly in African-American and Hispanic communities were implemented in inner city schools with low income households. Lastly, more programs for mental health us necessary because for someone to shot randomly has problems beyond violence.

I may not have children yet; however, I do not have the words to express the sorrow I have in my heart today. My prayers are for the families living this tragic day. I will also pray for the lost souls victims of this monstrous act of crime.


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