Liz & Dick: Why Lifetime?

In the last decade, Lifetime has produced major television film events such as Five, Steel Magnolias, and so on. Finally, Liz & Dick should have been the crown jewel to close a successful year; however, imitating Mr. Burton’s accent, I write, why the hell did Lifetime do this?!

I think Lifetime wanted to have the satisfaction of capturing Lindsay Lohan’s comeback…Oh, Lifetime, you placed too much faith on a broken vase. Liz & Dick’s artwork, costume designs, makeup and etc. was excellent. I cannot discredit their labor and time recreating the years of the tumultuous marriage between Burton and Taylor. I was fascinated with Taylor’s outfits and extravagant jewelry. This is a positive aspect of the movie, but this is also the end of the list.

Years ago, I once said, “Lindsay Lohan can’t act.” My comment dates back during her popular era in 2003 – 2006 and of course being a teenager many believed I was envious of Ms. Lohan. Now after Liz & Dick, my comment is no longer booed or criticized. Now, my opinion is the truth.

Photo credits: Adam Taylor

Lohan as Taylor was like watching Family Guy’s version of William Shatner with a wig. It was awful, atrocious, and sometimes unintentionally humorous. When Elizabeth Taylor (Lohan) and Richard Burton (Bowler) had an argument scene it was not that different from 30 Rock’s character, Jenna Maroney wanting to get more attention from the reality-show camera, The Queen of Jordan (Season 5: Episode 17). Let’s face it, Jane Krakowski is an excellent actress and a comedian, yet Lohan failed to interpret Elizabeth Taylor, a Hollywood icon and an American Award-Winning actress.

Grant Bowler also helped this film to crash. There was no chemistry at all, I think there is more chemistry between a balloon and a needle pin. Bowles and Lohan’s acting skills is similar to the reproduction of Frasier’s episode, “The Show Must Go Off” where Derek Jacobi acts in the Crane Brothers production of Hamlet. It is an awful play which the Crane brothers wishes to cancel at all cost because of Jacobi character’s bad acting. Watch the clip to understand my comparison if you have never heard of Frasier.

I feel sorry for Lifetime, they are brilliant; however, this film deserves an F.

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