Spartak Moscow vs fc Barcelona: They know how to give Thanks

What a game! Not even the cold Russian weather weaken the Catalan team with the amazing conclusion 0-3. Although there has been tons of complaints mainly from commentators literally saying, “VIllanova’s strategies are boring.” I roll my eyes because yes, in general every team have faced this dilemma of boredom; therefore this syndrome if it is proper to say…no one is immune to it.

Now the game

The first goal was an ideal strategy between Messi and Alves. These two can read their minds on the field. This goal in particular was a planned tactic because the opponents know Leo is a forward, but purposely Messi unattended the ball and Alves scored. It is my hypothesis whether it was experimental or planned it worked.

Spartak, I have to give it to them. They fought nail to tooth without any positive results. Even with their lack on the ball possession, the Russian team managed to limit Barcelona’s obscene amount of goals they have managed to achieve in previous seasons or games.

The second and third goal for the Catalan team were fairly easy. The defense went M.I.A and the last goal, Messi was the road runner against the two defenses chasing him.

Final result 0-3

Sorry no photo this time, I wrote this article using my iPad. Please be patient and enjoy the article!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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