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It is about the time of the year which most students like me practically wishes for the semester to end; however, it is coming to an end and of course my anxiety levels have gone off the wall lately. Too much coffee which I do not like much and little sleep which it can backfire when you are reading at home. Anyhow, in the middle of the vast pool of grades, crazy teachers, and obscene amount of assignments, I feel awful for delaying my latest posts. Therefore, this blog is still up and running. Are you ready?

Film Reviews

I’ve rented a couple of films to help me ease my anxiety levels and they are part of my “break”. I am glad to announce that the three films are worth to rent or buy.

Madea’s Witness Protection Program is the first film from the Madea franchise that was not a play. The film is purely comedic and of course the audience wonders, what kind of adventure is Madea up to in this latest installment? A Wall Street investment banker who has been set up as the linchpin of his company’s mob-backed Ponzi scheme is relocated with his family to Aunt Madea’s southern home (imdb). Once the banker arrives to Madea’s home with his family, in a twist of fate the banker, Mr. Needleman (Eugene Levy) is destined to meet the Simmon’s family. Tyler Perry devotes his characters and continues to bring more shades to the fiery and electric personality to the silver screen as the memorable Madea Simmons. My final grade is A+ for Madea’s Witness Protection Program.

Madea’s Witness Protection

Magic Mike is not just about good-looking actors which are also great dancers with great bodies, but it brings the concept that male strippers have a heart and a brain, well don’t we all have those characteristics? Yes, but often strippers in general are often objectified for pleasurable entertainment mainly in bachelor or bachelorette parties, am I right? We have seen them in Bridezilla‘s more than once. Anyhow, the film centers the complex relationship of Mike (Tatum) already a veteran stripper meeting “The Kid” (Pettyfer). The Kid is a troubled character that easily likes the crazy lifestyle the strippers working for Dallas (McConaughey) pursuit. While the Kid enjoys easy sex and money his job excels, Mike wants to move on. He wants to start his own business of custom-made furniture; however, things gets complicated when he starts to fall in love with Kid’s sister, Brooke (Horn), but she sees Mike as a bad influence towards her younger brother. Meanwhile, the Kid gets himself into deeper problems because he wanted to gain easy cash. Easy storyline to follow and great musical numbers. Final grade is B-

Magic Mike – Facebook

Safety Not Guaranteed is a different kind of film that is rare to find and that is actually a good story. Personally, I am not a fan of science fiction flcks because there is a large part that are bad films. Yet, Safety Not Guaranteed follows the bittersweet character, Darius (Audrey Plaza). The college graduate has a suck internship at a Seattle magazine until Jeff, the writer (Jake M. Johnson) proposes an investigation after finding a unique newspaper classified ad. The original ad asks reads, “Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. I have only done this once before. Safety not guaranteed.” Jeff wants for his team Darius and the shy, Arnau. At first, Jeff has a different agenda that did not involve any investigation, but he wanted to reunite with a former high school fling. Meanwhile, Darius gets into the story and along with the other characters they discover a different side of life involving the FBI, science, and fate. My final grade is an A for the indie film and Plaza shines in her first starring role.

Safefy Not Guaranteed – Facebook

Music Reviews

Maroon 5: One More Night is an addicting song with catchy beats that is actually a great song while burning some calories. 5/5 stars

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: We are Never Ever Getting Back Together was a disappointment. I felt it was a recycled song about break up’s which are her signature songs; however, I thought no wonder shows like SNL or 30 Rock mocks her song writing abilities. Ms. Swift you can do better than this and please move on from your high school days in terms of writing style. This song is suitable for the annoying teenager girl describing her recent break-up. It is true after a relationship ends some may say the title of the song, but I think it is time for Taylor to grow up. 2/5 stars for the song. SIDENOTE: The video clip is funny, but the song on its own makes my eyes roll.

Usher: Numb is a Euro-pop song that brings elements of melancholy with dance features. It is a great departure from his previous album, Raymond v. Raymond mega hit DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again. For sure, Usher knows how to reinvent himself in every album he releases and Numb is the evidence of this statement. 4/5 stars


The Script featuring The Hall of Fame is an amazing song for anyone. The strong lyrics can motivate anyone feeling blue. My favorite part of this song besides that it features is the part that says, “You can be a master/Don’t wait for luck/ Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself/Standing in the hall of fame” (The Script). 5/5 stars

Rihanna Seventh Studio Album: Unapologetic will be out in stores on November 19th, but already her lead single, Diamonds have gained attention from the critics with positive ratings. The album includes notable singers such as Eminem, David Guetta, and more.


Christina Aguilera Seventh Album: Lotus will be out on November 13th. Her first single, Your Body is an opening of what her entire album might reflect a new Christina. In several interviews, Aguilera points out that this album she channeled her masterpiece song, Fighter in a 2.0 version for the new generation. In addition, she points out that this album is a rebirth and it is a personal album reflecting her divorce, motherhood, and enjoying her life.

Pitbull Seventh Album: Global Warming already has top-chart songs like Back in Time (featured in the film, Men In Black: III) and Don’t Stop the Party. The third single for this album featured the Colombian singer, Shakira in Get It Started is a notable weaker song in comparison with his two previous singles. The album will also include talented singers like JLO, Christina Aguilera, The Wanted, Enrique Iglesias, Akon, and more.

Christina Aguilera

All of the songs are albums will be or are already available via internet and most retail stores.

Madea’s Protection Program Film Summary





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