El Clasico: Draw!

The Spanish press in Spain doesn’t trust Villanova’s abilities and Maurihno’s style is questined every week…is the press right? The most watched game aired tonight in various places around the world. The spectators eyes landed on the two most famed strikers giving it their all in this game: Messi and Ronaldo. In reality, the Merengue team are actually under pressure to please their fans because they are not even in the top five on the score board this season. It is a bit ironic for Madrid because they did win last season La Liga; however, it is a Russian rullete…you never know how it will shoot and where exactly. In my opinion that’s what keeps futbol fans so tied with the sport. I’m going all Adidas here, are you in? we are all in!

The first half started 50% Madrid and 50% the Catalan team were equals until Ronaldo scored. Camp Nou stood silent, but the Real’s fan gave a standing ovation. Messi was ready to retaliate with his left leg and the game tied. Will there be drama? of course, this is a very passionate classic and Madrid is under pressure and frustrated. Not only frustration drives this game, yet there are internal problems occurring in the bleachers. The Spanish press is following two sagas of coach vs. player; however, it is not Bielsa versus Llorente, it is Ramos versus Maurihno. Sergio expressed the coaches favoritism towards the Portuguese players and not the Spanish team mates like himself. Even in New York city, Rosell was asked during his tour in America if he would consider Ramos in the Catalan team one day. Sandro expressed that it is possible, but for now it is unlikely to happen.

FC Barcelona – Official Website

One minute left in the first half and Xabi Alonso was almost carded which is bad sign for him. Alonso already has a yellow card  and the Catalan players were asking to card Ozil because he did knocked down Messi. Neither received a card, but they did get a verbal warning. The whistle blew and it ended with a tie. As every team departs from Camp Nou, Messi and DiMaria proves that this classic is just a game and not a personal dispute. They walked together and they were chatting although they are in opposing teams. This game is impressive so far and personally I am glad there has not been an episode of physical altercations.

While Spain enjoys the classic, Italy is about to dispute the classic derby is about to start. AC Milan versus Inter Milan. Historically these teams has been distinguished by their social class status. Inter called as the bourgeoise background and the AC symbolized closely to the working class in Italy. They have played this derby 275 times. By the time this article is released, most likely I will not have the final score because the first half for the Italian derby will start at the same time Spain’s clasico starts their second half.

Second half had the same aroma of the first half, Ronaldo and Messi scored; however, Ronaldo’s goal is doubtful. In my opinion, I would have not validated this second goal, yet I could be wrong (don’t bash me for this opinion folks!). Then, Messi and Xavi starts chatting when they get a free throw, but I have noticed this for years from these boys…it never ends up with a goal. I really wish I could say this thought to these boys. Really, this is my bragging moment, but I could say this opinion in both languages; however, Xavi speaks Castellano and Catalan, so I would say this thought in Castellano.

By the 78th minute, this game is headed to stagnation and conform to a tedious tie. Villanova’s enemy camp in the press is ready to eat him with their chopping words. Still, Maurihno is also not free from his critics. Both coaches will be on the chopping board with the blood thirsty press. Madrid cannot afford a tie or a loss, Barcelona either because this will give a green light to Pellegrini’s Malaga be on the top spot. I am rolling my eyes by the 84th minute, I cannot comprehend Madrid’s coach not replacing Ronaldo when his shoulder is bothering him. In my view, Madrid’s coach needs to revise the manual here because a substitute is in need and fast!

Real Madrid – Helios de la Rubia

The referee is slow or he’s watching the game as a close spectator. It took him a while to card, he carded Arbeloa towards the end of the tedious game. Three minutes were added, but what for? it was obvious this game is going to stay 2 – 2 …no one wins. I am rolling my eyes for a second time, the time is running out and neither teams cannot figure it out. The game ended with Messi’s pissed look and I don’t blame him. If I would have been playing and the game ended the same way…yes, my eyes would roll for a third time.


Messi and Ronaldo scored twice, but the game ended with a C as a grade because it was average. Catalan’s and Merengue’s are not happy with this score and the press neither. They like the drama, the art, and the war; however, nothing relevant happened or artistically highlighted by anyone. Both teams earned one point tonight and the press is already writing the guillotine in Spanish words.

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