Failure Formula & The Perfect Game?

Failure Formula

Alright folks, the Bielsa saga of sucky games continues. I honestly blame the Bilbao’s committee because some of the players like Llorente have been vocal to leave the team, while Bielsa still makes the same damn mistakes. I will warn you ahead of time, this article I will not be kind towards Bilbao’s coach. I normally try to be respectful, yet I cannot find the exact words to describe why Bielsa should leave this team. In the previous article that focused la liga after four weeks, I mentioned what necessary changes must happen in order for this team to succeed again; however, I think Bielsa is perpetuating Bilbao to its dooms day. Too bad Pellegrini already is coaching a team in la liga because I would hire him! They have great players, but the defense line and the goalkeeper should be out of this team.

Again Bielsa decides to repeat the “failure formula” in tonight’s game. The Pamplona striker, Fernando Llorente stepped into the field in the last 20 or 15 minutes of the second half of this game. Once again, another Bilbao players gets the red card and Raul, the other goalkeeper should be the one in the field. The “failure formula” for any fan of the Basque team may argue that Bielsa hates the team he is now coaching. Yes, some may I am being too personal here, but each game speaks for itself.

Fernando Llorente – Official Website

Bilbao vs. Real Sociedad was a predictable one because if I would have bet money on this game…I would have ended up with a hefty sum tonight. 2-0 Real Sociedad played an easy game. Sorry Bilbao fans, you’ll keep frowning in the up coming games with Bielsa’s “failure formula.” I’m not mocking Bilbao’s fans at all because I have seen this team playing better games, but Bielsa must resign or get fired from this team.

The Perfect Game?

Barcelona this week visits Sevilla. Last week, Sevilla raised their arms in victory because they beat Real Madrid. Minute 20th, Sevilla scores against Barcelona and certainly Valdez did not see that goal coming. To be frank, neither did I because I was as shocked as Valdez. Leo and Cesc tried to score seconds later, but the Sevilla player hit a Barcelona player and got a yellow card for it. This game is not a predictable one and that’s how games are exciting. My skin was crawling because it was Sevilla, Barcelona, oh, my! this game is exciting, but tensed for Barcelona.

Cesc Fabregas

The second half started bad for the Catalan team because Sevilla scores the second goal. Sevilla is playing a dominant game. By the 49th minute, Pedro was close to score ,but Sevilla’s defense line is like China’s wall, long and not moving any time soon. This game was not looking good for Villanova’s squad. No Puyol or Pique seems to be affecting the team, the Barcelona substitutes are great, but I think deep down they are not confident enough without Puyol (I did not count Pique because he does get distracted from time to time). Minute 52, finally…Fabregas shined and scored! The game turned spicy because Barcelona found Sevilla’s weak spot and they were hungry for more goals. Then again, Fabregas scores towards the last seconds of the game leaving Sevilla with their mouths open. Even my jaw dropped because let’s face it Sevilla was playing “the perfect game.” Of course, this game will lead to the controversial hand that touched the ball. I know this “hand situation” is the Spaniard headlines tomorrow more than real victory.

Sevilla vs. FC Barcelona

David “el Guaje” Villa suddenly appears in mid-air and scores the last goal. Many commentators stated that Messi have been invisible in this game, yet he was as active as ever. He helped these scores to happen (BeIN Sports Spanish commentators, I am directly saying this to both of you).

The last minutes of the game turned into a different show, Sevilla confronts its first loss after being victorious during 80 minutes of the game. The Cule team continues to lead in la Liga entering next week’s leg with a massive amount of points ahead from its eternal rival, Real Madrid; however, at the same time, Malaga stepping Barcelona’s shoes as a threat to rise as leaders if they lose. Therefore, the Catalan team can’t sleep peacefully this week. They must be fully re-loaded for the Clasico.

Next week, October 7th is the date that Spain looks forward every year…El Clasico! Real Madrid vs. the leader, FC Barcelona. For Madrid, this game is win or win, they cannot spare another loss. Barcelona lost the Super Cup; therefore, this game is redemption for the Catalan team. Villanova has the task to prove why he was the best choice to coach the team after the glory years with Guardiola. As for Real, they have a tangled up situation because eight points is still a large gap from the first spot as leaders. Ronaldo, Higuain, Benzema, and the rest of the players must concentrate to beat the Catalan team.


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