La Liga: After 4 Weeks

The Spanish league started with surprises and it continues to blow my mind. Although I’m under the weather, I can sit and type about the changes and what is going on so far.

FC Barcelona

Many were still sulking about Pep’s departure from the Catalan team. When Villanova was named the new head coach, it caused a stir on both extremes of positive and negative thoughts. As for me, Villanova worked with Pep; therefore, his philosophy will not be that different, but they are still two different people that knows how to place their players on the field. FC Barcelona started with the right foot and a major downfall on the pre-game by losing the Super Cup against Real Madrid. After four weeks of the new season, Barcelona players have kept it strong since day one of the season. With eights point as the unbeatable leader in La Liga, the Catalan team and Villanova is a good combination.

Messi in the game against Getafe / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ – FCB

Real Madrid

Mourinho’s team is on the rocks with two loses and a ties in this season. Rumor has it that Madrid’s coach and Cristiano are not getting along which this rumor could be true. Bad relationships in a team always shows some way and some how it seems. The last season champions should have dominated this season as well, but it is too early to decide how this season will end. Yet, so far Madrid is not even close to climb at least a second place in this season.

Foto Oficial del Real Madrid: Helios de la Rubia

Bilbao and Bielsa

I’ve known Bielsa years ago when he coached other teams before he returned to Spain since 1998. He coached Espanyol before and other teams like the National Teams of Argentina, Chile, Mexico’s America and others. I know he does not have a good temper and it is not the first time that players prefer to transfer because they cannot get along with him. Yes, he has the talent to build a good team, but he also builds bad relationships too. So far, it is clear that Bielsa does not consider Fernando Llorente as a valuable player. Who puts a talent like Llorente to become a bench warmer? This is not first time he has ignored excellent players for odd reasons.

RCD Espanyol 3-Athletic Club 3

Back in 1996, Bielsa was the head coach of Mexico’s, America. Bielsa for unknown reasons decided sit one of America’s star players, Duilio Davino. The Centre Back spoke during many interviews and press conferences his unhappiness with the Chilean coach. Like Llorente, Davino was actually much more vocal about it and stated, “If he stays, I’ll go!” Llorente’s future in Bilbao is uncertain for now, yet there are two paths this battle may end. First, Llorente takes Javier Martinez (a former player of Bilbao) and leaves the team. Lastly, Llorente stays and Bielsa repeats a 90’s Deja Vu and the Chilean coach leaves Bilbao. So far, this season started shaky for the Basque team because they are in the 15th place out of 20 teams…ouch! The team has good players, but they do need to fix the defense line and some mid-centre players. Otherwise, this team with Bielsa has their coach will fall down in this season.


Pochetino…I feel sorry for him. He’s not a bad coach as many say, yet how can a coach develop a strong team that home-grown when the good players are constantly sold? I have seen this story repeating so many times in Espanyol that makes me wonder if Espanyol’s president cares enough about the team. Pochetino has a good eye to pick players that have potential, but if the good players keep getting sold, how will this team progress? Already this team is on the bottom of the score board, will it get any better? I doubt it. Stop selling the good players!



Malaga is the surprise of the season because they are in the second place in the score board. Pellegrini’s arrival saved this team and he has built a strong team of confident players. I’m not surprised Pellegrini made extraordinary changes in this team. Now, Malaga for the first time they are playing the Champions League.

Málaga CF, 3 – Levante UD, 1 — with Juan Marquez Vilas and Kary Carp.

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  1. C.V. Fuzzy! · September 18, 2012

    About Fernando Llorente, I think he should come to LFC

    • FV · September 18, 2012

      Thank you 4 your comment, Llorente is an excellent player. Any team would be lucky to have him really. Personally, I don’t think he deserves to sit in the bench and just watch the game like a spectator, it sucks.

      • C.V. Fuzzy! · September 19, 2012

        Exactly, and LFC is in dire need of a striker and I think Llorente will flourish in EPL.

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