Think Like a Man

The Fantastic Four director, Tim Story brought to life Steve Harvey’s best-seller book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Although Harvey is known as a comedian, he wrote the book to expose the secret on how men thinks. The film version of the book is how each character ties their love life or relationships with the book.

    Think Like a Man

The Couples

Cedric and Gail

The film is about four different types of relationships. Each couple are based on the chapter the character belongs to or feels identified with. The film starts with the story’s narrator, Cedric (Hart). He is about to complete his divorce. Cedric claims to find his true joy once he’s a free man. Also, he constantly slams his future ex-wife, Gail (which she’s finally revealed towards the end of the movie).

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Dominic and Lauren

Dominic (Ealy) and Lauren (Henson) are complete opposites. Lauren is a driven woman and she’s an important woman in the world of business. Yet, she falls for a man who does not live to her expectations. Dominic is a dreamer which he can’t commit to one dream. One day he wants to be a pilot, a teacher, and now he’s a chef. He works as a waiter for a catering company and part-time cook at a fancy restaurant where he meets Lauren.

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Mya and Zeke

Mya (Good) can’t find a man who will take her seriously. After a romantic night with Alex (Brown), Mya thinks they have started a serious relationship; however, after she brings him coffee, he runs away with his coffee and her coffee! She gives up, until she starts reading Harvey’s book. In one of the chapters, Harvey makes a connection about love before sex like a worker before receiving full benefits at Ford Company. Steve says that a woman must endure 90 days to know if the guy is taking her seriously before having sex. As she starts taking notes on the book, she meets Zeke (Malco), the player. Zeke likes sex without having a serious relationship. He tries to seduce Mya several ways, but his seductive methods are not working on this tough cookie.

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Candace and Micheal

Candace (Hall) is a single mom with a six-year old child. After her divorce, her love life is like a home filled with spider webs and dust. When she’s buying Harvey’s book, she encounters Micheal (Terence J) a former high school classmate. She’s two years older than he is, yet Micheal remembers her and wants to go out with her. Things are great between Candace and Micheal, still Micheal has a stronger and fully committed relationship with his mother.

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Kristen and Jeremy

The college sweethearts have been living together in the last nine years. Kristen (Union) is ready for the next step…marriage. As for Jeremy (Ferrara), he still thinks he’s a college boy and hanging out with his fraternity. The successful realtor wants for her boyfriend, Jeremy to find a job; however, he has not left his college years behind.

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Think Like a Man is smart, comedic, and the film has a superb cast. Perhaps Robert Ebert thought that it was not possible to take serious advice from a comedian, yet I’m not Ebert whom at times is one-dimensional critic. Ebert it’s a comedy film, but it does have a good message! The film points out many things about relationships and noticing the common signs of a good relationship or a bad relationship without making the film redundant or tragic.

My final grade is 8/10

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