Beginners  opens with Oliver’s depression because his father has passed away. He brings his father’s dog, Arthur to move into his apartment. After three months, his co-workers and friends invites him to a party where he meets Anna (Laurent).  Anna is a French actress and a free-spirited soul. She’s spontaneous and perhaps daring to many, but she also has her own personal struggles. As Oliver and Anna starts their relationship, the film parallels with Hal’s (Plummer) confession after his wife’s death. Hal decides to come out to his son, he is gay and he wishes to live as an openly gay man. While Oliver in the present, he tries to balance his new relationship, but still misses his father.


Beginners starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, and Melanie Laurent. The 2011 Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor, Christopher Plummer truly gives the performance of a lifetime. The film Beginners is based on the author and director’s father, Mike Mills.


Beginners reminded me of others films like Garden State, Amelie, and (500) Days of Summer. It is not a commercialized film nor it intended to be, but that is the magic of this film…reality. The film focuses in real human drama, flashbacks, loss, and understanding the meaning of true love. In addition, Beginners brings historical aspects of society like homosexuality and anti-Semitism. Lastly, Oliver, Hal, Arthur, and Anna are starting over like Beginners.

My final grade 7/10.

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