End of the Supercup: Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid

The first leg of the Spanish Supercup ended with Barcelona’s temporary triumph with one goal of difference. Today, the game started I saw the Barcelona squad nervous and perhaps sad to admit, but clearly they were unprepared. My prediction was not wrong. The first five minutes Pipa Higuain scored the first goal, then followed by Real Madrid’s star, Cristiano Ronaldo easy goal. To be frank, this could the angry ranting of a Barcelona fan, yet I cannot blind myself by defending Barcelona’s surprising weak game. Mainly, I criticize the defense line. It is not the first time, Barcelona falls short because of the defense line.  Gerard Pique’s actions were greatly absent minded and I was shocked that Mascherano  was also not paying much attention either.

Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the away leg of the 2012/13 Spanish Super Cup at the Camp Nou / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS – FCB


Considering that Barcelona’s defense line has the best teacher like Carles Puyol, I am in shock that Barcelona has a weak defense as presented in the first half. Real Madrid entered this second leg motivated and ready to shine at home. I am sure the press will blame Villanova’s tactics for this first half; however, I am not the press and if I were Villanova, I would sit Pique with the substitute players or not even place him in the squad.

FC Barcelona Facebook

Last season, many times Pique played like an amateur or simply his mind was elsewhere. Rumors out there are actually suggesting one of the problems Guardiola had with the squad was with Pique. Sometimes he arrived late for training or staying up late at night clubbing. I am not stating these are true facts, but these were strong rumors circulating Spanish papers. The first half ended with Real Madrid clearly dominating the game, but not entirely in the winners spot because Messi scored the last goal of the first half. The game ended like it started with one goal of difference.

The second half started neutral neither team was leading or heading for a goal. Barcelona entered with ten players after Alcantara’s red card for a very…how can I say this kindly…a very stupid push towards Ronaldo. Then Pique again acted like an absent minded player by touching the ball and earning a deserving yellow card. The referee was kind by not giving Pique a red car because another referee would have given him a red card. Ronaldo almost scored a second easy goal, but Valdes gaining his confidence. The game continued slow and this game could end with a white shirt victory or a 360 degrees turn with a red/blue triumph. Messi tried to find his second goal, then Pipa’s attempt to score again was quickly blocked by an awaken Mascherano. 

Minute 61, made my skin crawl when Pedro tried to score and Iker almost allowed a second goal for Barcelona. I think at this point, I have some authority to certain comments considering the large amount of years I have watched La Liga…when Messi and other Barcelona players talk about a quick tactic, 90% of the time it does not work.

Foto/Picture ©Pep Morata

Ten minutes later, Jordi Alba and Song were close to have their shining moment, but Alba kicked the ball outside of Madrid’s turf. The last 20 minutes it was obvious this game Madrid made it clear that playing at home is always better; however, Pipa missed in a very easy matter a third goal. Casillas was very angry by this easy miss. The last 10 minutes Madrid was earning their winning title by two very easy goals thanks to the uncaring defense line. 

Barcelona dominated the last minutes of the game. It was a late awakening of the team trying to regain assurance; however, Messi tried to overcome Madrid’s attentive defense line. Although the commentators would say, “Give thanks to Valdes for Madrid’s Supercup title”, but I don’t blame Victor for this loss. He did freeze and with zero confidence against an old enemy like Madrid.

Three minutes were added for no reason. I really did not see the reason for the extra minutes because it was clear who won since the first half. I cannot believe Leo missed a third opportunity. Hence, I do defend Leo because he has worked attentively during this game.

Without a doubt, Madrid deserved the winning title. They came home and shined like champions at home. I am a Barcelona fan and of course I would have liked for my team to win; however, if I were Villanova, he needs to do major changes in his defense line if he wishes to have a successful year. I can imagine how the press and even Rosell will blame Villanova directly for this important loss and even Messi will get negative press. Yet, as I repeat, I blame the directly the defense line for this loss. No matter what, I’m still proud of my team.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook

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