Argentina vs. Germany: FIFA Friendly

The last encounter of Argentina and Germany was not under friendly terms, but their last encounter was back in the 2010 South Africa World Cup. Two years ago, Germany eliminated Argentina with a fierce score of 4-0. Now, the teams have played a friendly game in Germany. In reality, Argentina would like to redeem themselves because of the last time these two teams played, Argentina had to leave with their heads down.

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The game started 50% of equal forces. Neither team truly dominated the field. Minute 19, Iguain crashed into a German player. El Pipa (Iguain) ended up with a bloody forehead, while the German player did not bleed at all.  Six minutes later, Zabaleta pushed Sammi Khedira and the referee gave Zabaleta a yellow card.

Germany’s goal keeper made a fatal mistake against an Argentinian player. The 20 year-old substitute earned a red card and Muller had to leave because a game without a goal keeper would never happen. As regulation states, a penalty must occur and Argentina’s star player, Lionel Messi failed to score Argentina’s first goal. He kicked too slow and it was a predictable kick. No offense to any Argentina fans (because I really wanted for Messi to score), but even a 10 year-old would have captured that ball.

Photo By Daniel Roland/AFP

Almost ten minutes before the end of the first half, Klose almost scored a spectacular goal against Argentina. Seconds later, Real Madrid player, DiMaria wanted to score, but he also failed to do so. The first half ended with a strange goal that was too quick and Khedira scored against his own team. Minute extras were added and the first half ended 1-0.

The second half brought a sour smile for the German players, while Argentinians were ready to score more. Germany started strong by scoring a goal that was clearly off-side. Minute 51, Lionel Messi dashed to Germany’s turf and scored the second goal. The game was stable until minute 72, DiMaria kicked with his left foot Argentina’s third goal landed beautifully. Three minutes after, Messi tried to score again, but his moves were quickly stopped by the German defense. Minute 81, Howedes scored their first goal of the night for Germany. Suddenly, a fan interrupted the game and left peacefully without causing many problems (he already did). Argentina reigned with 3 goals, while Germany scored only one goal.



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