Clash of the Titans: USA vs. Spain

USA vs. Spain is the clash of the titans. The Dream Team starts the game great with double digits ahead of Spain; however, Spain’s loss fueled this team to battle the USA team. This game did not look like a basketball game, but a ping-pong game. For example, the 2nd quarter, The USA team leading with two points then Spain was leading with three points. This kept on going which made the fans crazy, excited, angry, and filled with anxiety.

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports – US Presswire

The last five minutes into the third quarter, they were tied and then the USA team shot three points. This game kept me on the edge of my seat including the star-studded presence in the bleachers. Famous celebrities like arnold schwarzenegger, Van Diesel, David Beckham, The Spanish Royal Family, Jesse Eisenberg (not Mark Zuckerberg the NBC commentator said during the game) and many more.

Charles Krupa – AP Images

The last quarter opened dramatic even bloody. Well, I’m exaggerating, but this last quarter is do or die for the USA and Spain. The Spanish team is seeking for redemption from Beijing because they won the silver medal and the USA won the golden medal.

The last four minutes made me weak and even feverish because both teams gave a nerve wrecking game. This final game shot the perfect 3 point shot that gave the USA lead of 102 to 93 to Spain. The last 50 seconds were too much to be real. The 12th second, Spain was reaching the USA team with six points below. The game ended with 107-100 with the USA team winning first place. Kobe’s last game ended with a memorable smile and Spain  really fought to win, but the got a worthy silver.

AP Photo/Eric Gay

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