A Closer Look: London 2012 Funny Pics

I like comedy, I really do. So, I decided to bring a funnier side of the 2012 London Olympics. I manipulated photographs of well-known athletes and important icons like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton ended up in my fun project. I had so much fun taking the original pictures and converting the pictures into a hilarious moments. The article will contain fake news explaining the story of the photograph, enjoy!

New Countries

Who Knew?

The American athlete is clearly startled by the sudden appearance of the Kun Fu Dugong at the Olympics opening. Yes, the Kun Fu Dugongs are currently participating at various olympic events.

Finding Basketball

In the 2012 Olympics, the basketball teams had to use a different kind of ball. The USA team were one of the first ones to use the “new” ball. The model of the new ball caused major controversies mainly for the creatures under the sea. This time around, Nemo isn’t missing, but his father, Marlin had been missing for a while, but for a valid reason. Marlin has worked full-time for this Olympics as their new ball. The Associated Press revealed that Kobe Bryant is very fond of the new ball, he likes it so much that he wants for the next NBA season to use the “Marlin” ball.

Finding Marlin


For the second time, Usain Bolt earns golden medals and the title, “The Fastest Man in the World”. The Jamaican native like many athletes, he has a role model that inspires him to be better at every race. He recently confessed that he wants to be better than his role model, The Road Runner. As Bolt stated, “I know he is better and faster, but I will beat him.” So far, The Road Runner has not made any comments yet.

Bolt’s Inspiration

Sweet Taste of Success

The American female Gymnastics team also known as “The Fierce Five” earned first place as a team; however, the ladies didn’t want to break their perfect smiles by bitting the real medal. Instead, the girls wanted to taste their sweet success by bitting into their home-made chocolate chip cookie medals.

The Fierce Five Tasting their Triumph

Stealing the Gold

The Kun Fu Dugongs were not the only team that made a surprising appearance at the Olympics, but also “The Straw Hat Pirates.” The pirates also participated in one event, sailing. In reality, “The Straw Hats” did not go to the Olympics to earn a golden medal, but to steal the golden medals and the monetary prices. The plan was hatched by Nami (The Cat Buglar Nami), but the navy immediately recognized “The Sunny” or “The Straw Hats” boat and they left the scene very quickly.

Nami (One Piece)

The Sunny

Where’s the Prince?

Kate Middleton has been enjoying the Olympics from the very start. Her husband, Prince William has attended various events with his wife, but recently, he had to leave to attend a couple of appointments he had pending. Prince Harry has joined Middleton in many events, but he also had to leave before the end of the Olympics. He feared his older brother might be angry at him because he left Kate alone. Therefore, he left Kate with the best companion in the world and he is so easy to find in a large and massive crowd. Kate is very lucky!

Where’s Prince William?

Lochte’s Watchdog

In a recent interview, Ryan Lochte revealed an embarrasing truth about the pool. He confessed that sometimes he peed in the pool, but he strictly confirmed he never inked any olympic pool. Now, for the next olympics in 2016 in Rio, they are taking early measures to make their pool “Pee-Free.” They hired a “Watchdog” to prevent any accidents in the pool.

Pee Free

The Images Credits

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