London’s Calling: The Summer Olympics So Far!

 The opening ceremony of the 30th Olympiad is always beautiful. London brings their culture and history in an artistic form with grace. The ceremony includes surprise guest appearances from the Queen of England, David Beckham, Mr. Bean, and even James Bond (Daniel Craig). After the opening ceremony, the olympics awaited many returns of memorable athletes and the new talents as well.

Photo: David Goldman – AP Images & From Fox Sports Website


Micheal Phelps swam for the last time, but as I agree with Bob Costas…is it really farewell? It is hard to truly believe no more Phelps because he is a legend that made history before reaching his 30s. Whether we see him in Rio or not, Micheal Phelps is a unique athlete with an extraordinary skills that will be hard to match. For now, it was an honor to watch you swim, Micheal. Long Live, King Phelps! Who will be the next athlete to beat Phelps 22 medals? This question will be answered in the future.

Photo: Al Bello – Getty Images & From Fox Sports Website

Hansen Vs. Kitajima

The 2004 Summer Olympics is traumatic one for Brendan Hansen. The American favorite to win the 100 meter breaststroke lost against the Japanese swimmer, Kosuke Kitajima. Hansen like the rest of the world remembers the loud celebration Kitajima kept on yelling, “cho-kimochi-ii” or “I feel really good!” I don’t blame Kitajima for yelling his golden win, but for Hansen it was a moment he replayed many times in his mind. Now, after eight years, Hansen beat Kitajima twice in London. In the individual race, Brendan earned as he said, “the shiniest bronze medal”, while Kitajima lost in this race. Then, the final team medley, team USA won gold and Kitajima’s country, Japan earned silver.


Lochte is the 2011 World Aquatics Championships and there was plenty of the expectations for the champ. He beat his rival and pal, Micheal Phelps during the 200 Individual Medley. The USA swimmer was very vocal about his training after Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. He said, “I trained like crazy!” His “crazy” training was clear in his body transformation after four years. His upper body became much stronger versus his earlier physique in Beijing.       

Ryan started with a bang in this olympics, but he was surprised when France won the first relay. It was not Lochte’s fault, yet the USA team coach should have not placed him last. It is not a scientific fact that a taller swimmer will always have an advantage, but Camille Lacort is four inches taller than Lochte. Don’t take it wrong Lochte fans because as I stated earlier it’s not a true fact. Lochte is an excellent swimmer and I’m very pleased to know that he has no interest of retirement anytime soon, yet he is glad to take a deep breath of relief because the Olympic swimming completions are over.

Legend in the Making

As Phelps makes a successful exit of his amazing career, the women’s team has Missy Franklin. The teenager is making headlines as she shines during her first olympics. Franklin has is all: beauty, kindness, and talent. The seventeen year-old is tall and perhaps  she does not look like the ordinary teenager; however, Franklin like any teenager has her favorites like Justin Bieber and tons of posters in her bedroom of her idol, Natalie Coughlin. I perceive Franklin as the next best thing in the women’s olympic team, see you in Rio!

Photo: Clive Rose – Getty Images & From Fox Sports Website

16 Years Later, We Get the Fab 5

The women’s team of Gymnastic took gold 16 years later. In 1996, the “Magnificent 7” made history for the USA team and now, the “Fab 5” reign with the same spark and brilliance of the 1996 team. Another historic moment of this team is the golden medal for the African-American gymnast, Gaby Douglass.

Gaby Douglass is first  African-American to win the All-Around Individual Medal. When Douglass performed each routine, I noticed she smiled during every routine. In her last routine, Gaby Douglass enjoyed her dance and showed her ability. In my opinion, after watching the Olympics for many years now, the winner of the All-Around medal earns the first place when she enjoys each routine even she stumbles a little and even if she commits minor mistakes. I noticed this specific trait with close observation from Nadia Comăneci to Nastia Liukin. Congratulations Team USA!

Photo: @gabrielledoug & From Fox Sports Website

Williams Sisters Take Golds Again!

The dynamic American tennis player, Serena and Venus takes gold again. The duo have been consistent in the tennis court. For sure, the Williams sisters have confirmed they wish to return for the next Summer Olympics. I always enjoy seeing these girls playing.

Federer Doesn’t Take Gold

Before the Olympics, I thought for sure the finals will be between Nadal and Federer; however, Nadal couldn’t compete the 2012 Olympics due to an injury. Federer won silver, but will Nadal and Federer battle for the gold in the next Olympics? Let’s see what will happen in four years because there is always breakout stars in the making.

Run Forest…Run!

Usain Bolt continues to be the number one runner  in track and field. He reclaimed his title for the second time since Beijing. Without a doubt he can beat lighting in a race if that could happen in real life. Bolt lives up to the meaning of his last name “lightning flash.” Now, the female track and field has a new gold medalist, Sanya Richard Ross. She won her first individual gold in the 400 meter race, congratulations Sanya!

Photo: Mark Dadswell – Getty Images & From Fox Sports Website

Sport Management?

It is impossible to watch every single event. I am not a machine to watch everything, but so far this Summer Olympics have brought many emotions and joy. I enjoy the wait of the every four years like the FIFA World Cup is the expectations and surprises of the new star and the familiar faces to return. Still, the Summer Olympics is not over, there’s more to come.

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