DVD Review: Friends with Kids (Contains Spoilers!)

Photo: Friends with Kids – Facebook UK

Friends with Kids marks the directorial début of Jon Ham’s long-time girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt. The romantic-dramedy is an open analysis of relationships before and after having children. The film opens with two settled couples played by Maya Rudolph, Chris O’Dowd, Kristen Wiig, and Jon Hamm. Then, the lonely best friends, Jason (Adam Scott) and Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt).

At first, Julie and Jason are not much into the idea of having kids or settling down like their friends. Four years later, the settled couples have children and there’s a huge difference from the relaxed couples they once were. Rudolph and O’Dowd characters may have a hectic life with their children, but they are evidently still in love with each other. While, Hamm and Wiig’s characters are dry and living a loveless marriage. While Julie and Jason has a crazy plan to have a child because it would skip the “problems” of marriage and then divorce. As well as, by already having a child, they would live the “divorce experience” of dating la crème de la crème. It is poor philosophy the friends have, but nine months later they have Joe.

In this film, Wiig plays a very different character in comparison of other films she has done before. Hamm somehow plays an extended version of his character from Bridesmaids only if he would have married. O’Dowd and Rudolph plays a realistic couple with their up’s and down’s, but they are very committed to their marriage. Meanwhile, Scott and Westfeldt characters are the main characters with the most complex story. It is obvious because of their special situation.

Photo: Friends with Kids – Facebook UK

I give this film 7/10 because it is a great story, but a bit slow to get into the climax. Still, the storyline is HIGHLY realistic when it comes to relationships. Some relationships should break immediately, some will survive, and some should start a romantic relationship. It is brutally honest and I do recommend to watch or buy Friends with Kids.

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