The Tragedy at Aurora, Colorado

On July 20, 2012, many families and friends gathered to watch the premier of the awaited film, The Dark Knight Rises. A sudden random shooting broke out in the cinema including two smoke irritants to distract. Almost 13 years after the Columbine tragedy, Colorado is tainted with another tragedy involving a mass massacre. Also, it is sad to point out, this is the second Batman film directed by Nolan that begins with a tragedy. Back in 2008, Australian actor, Heath Ledger passed away before the film was released.

Photo: The Dark Knight Rises – Wikipedia

The responsible of the shooting is 24 year-old, James Holmes. A former neuroscience Ph.D. student wore a dark outfit with protective gear while shooting the movie theater. During the attack, he claimed he was the “Joker” and by doing so, he imitated the Joker’s terroristic attacks.

Earlier today, President Obama, Christopher Nolan, and many public figures expressed their deep condolences. In several social network sites like Twitter and Facebook grieved about the event.

Sources like CNN have stated that 14 victims have passed away. One of the victims of the massacre was the aspiring sportscaster, Jessica Ghawi (Redfield online). Her mother requested the twitter world to trend #RIPJessica and not to trend James Holmes name.

Photo: CNN

A person like Holmes leaves many families with a wounded heart for life. He also leaves a sad legacy that will force changes in movie theaters. For example, AMC Chicago in Downtown is no longer allowing people to come with costumes or masks inside the movie theater. Also, in several French theaters suspended the film after the tragedy.

I want to send deep condolences for the families of the victims and I hope one day they find peace.


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