No Doubt & Namie Amuro: Music Chat

No Doubt

Photo: No Doubt – Official Website

Almost a decade ago, No Doubt started a long hiatus because their lead singer, Gwen Stefani released her solo Album: LAMB. Stefani as a solo artist blew my mind and she demonstrated her ability to make it on her own. During her period as a solo artist, Gwen became a bigger star by introducing her fashion lines and perfumes to a larger audience. At one point, the Rich Girl singer, seemed unstoppable because she completed many projects including a brief apperance in the film, The Aviator as Jean Harlow.

Now, Stefani after becoming a mother of two boys, she returns to her roots with No Doubt. Back in 2009, the band started to record the album during her last solo tour, The Sweet Escape Tour. Now, the band’s new single after their long hiatus is fresh and it feels the band never left the scenario. Settle Down is an instant hit with music lovers.

Photo: No Doubt – Settle Down Cover

The band’s sixth studio album, Push and Shove comes out September 25, 2012. As for now, their leading single, Settle Down EP earns a worthy 9/10

Namie Amuro

In American radio waves the Japanese singer, Namie Amuro’s music is not played; however, in Asia, Europe, and many parts of South America, Amuro’s music is no stranger. Perhaps anime lovers may recognize her voice with the songs, Fight Together (One Piece credits) and Come (Inuyasha season one closing song) back in 2003.

Photo: Namie Amuro – Facebook

Her new album, Uncontrolled strolls back to her origins as a solo artist. For a while, her style of music focused in R&B and Hip-Hop with pop strokes. Now, Uncontrolled is fully loaded with Western and Euro Pop that marks Namie’s constant success in the music business. This album also is an important one for Amuro because it celebrates 20 years as a singer.

The tenth studio album has nine songs that were previously released as EP’s and four new songs that are in mostly in English. Her leading singles, Singing Yeah-Oh! and Go Round received positive reviews for the veteran singer. Singing Yeah-Oh! is similar In the Spotlight (Tokyo) because both songs have high beats and they are about having fun in the dance floor. Yet, her second single, Go Round is about a relationship that is ending accompanied by pop and electro background in the song. Overall, her leading singles and for Uncontrolled were excellent choices to promote the album.

The album, Uncontrolled has two versions on sale. One album is the pure CD and the second one comes in a DVD combo, but the DVD cannot be played outside of Region three. Overall, Uncontrolled graces with other familiar songs like Fight Together, Naked, Get Myself Back, and Only You (appeared in the UEFA EURO 2012 promo in Asia).

Photo: Namie Amuro – Uncontrolled cover

For sure, Namie Amuro is one of the bestselling female singers in Japan. It makes me sad to say that iTunes: USA once carried Amuro’s music, but it is no longer available for American audiences digitally wise. The only way to get her latest album is via or other sites that may carry her music. Still, her music is worth the investment. Final grade for Uncontrolled is 10/10

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