No Boys Allowed: Girls Only

My dear ladies this article is dedicated for you only. It’s all about beauty tips, fashion, and more. It’s all about the best things that are out there for us, so get ready, sit back, and start taking notes because class is in session.

Photo: Not Tested on Animals



Beauty like fashion are often linked to frivolous commentaries. At the contrary, if taken in consideration and with careful observation neither subjects are cold beings, but they are an artistic expression. By taking care of our image and wanting look better it’s not a science or a complex bomb because with simple steps anyone can look their best everyday.

Makeup – Beauty Evolution

When I was in high school, I admit that I had no interest in wearing makeup at all. For me, makeup were like boys: complicated and difficult to understand. Then almost four years later, I receive an excellent gift because it was a book about beauty. The book is written by the famous makeup artist, Bobbi Brown.  Although her tips are excellent, her makeup is expensive, but I do admit it is durable and excellent quality.

Photo: Bobbi Brown: Beauty Evolution

In her book, Beauty Evolution, the first chapter was a shocker and a lifetime lesson when it comes to true beauty. Back in those days, my teenage brain truly believed the girls in the magazine covers looked exactly like in the photographs. According to Brown, the portrayal of beauty in magazines is almost a fictional tale. She explains, “A whole team of makeup artists, hairstylist, fashion stylists, photographers, art directors (and later, photo retouchers) work hard to create a beautiful illusions*.” Like Bobbi, neither of us are suggesting the models or celebrities in the magazine covers are not humans, but they do have blemishes, zits, dark circles, and more. In other words, no one is immune to common human flaws and they are not flaws…it is just being human. I recall the documentary, The September Issue where Sienna Miller makes a cameo because she poses for the cover of Vogue and her skin without makeup has plenty of red spots. Spots or not, Sienna Miller is one of the most beautiful women out there.

Photo: Sienna Miller in the 2007 the September Issue for Vogue

Beauty Evolution is a timeless book because Brown with the amazing collaboration of Sally Wadyka created an educational book for all women of all ages and ethnicities. A young woman in her 20s to a grandmother in her 70s can read this book and find useful tips without intimidating or denying any woman the right to feel beautiful.

Makeup – YouTube Girls

Years later, I found myself with a major problem…trying to cover up my acne scars and blemishes properly at an affordable price. A young woman in called Cassandra Bankson is a magician. The video is impressive because her makeup is flawless and covers her acne scars and redness which she looks naturally beautiful. Watch the video and be amazed. (Warning: she talks kind of fast because she’s usually very excited to talk to her YouTube fans.)

I tried her makeup routine myself, but some of the products I substituted for affordable ones (Also, products that are not tested on animals) and it works. Here’s the list of products I use.

Clinique Dramatically different moisturizer lotion $13  (This is pricey)

NYC: Smooth Skin – Perfecting Primer $2 up to $4 New York Color (NYC) Cover Page

NYC: Cover Stick – Green $1 up to $1.99 depending where you buy it

or Physicians formula Cover Green (same product just a different brand with the same result) $2 up to $3.50

Physicians formula Cover Yellow $2 up to $3.50 (If you found NYC, please let me know!)

(optional) Revlon Photoready: Color correcting Primer (the rose-colored one) $7.99 up to $10 (I got it cheaper because of a coupon I had)

Photo: Revlon/ Revlon – Photoready Correcting Primer

Almay: Smart Shad smart balance with SPF 15 $6 up to $9

(Optional) Kat Von D – Tattoo Concealer $25 (Yes, this one is expensive too, but it lasts an entire year because with a little dab it covers those zits like a magician)

Elf: Clarifying Pressed Powder $1 up tp $2.99

Elf: Blush Powder $1 up to $2.99

(Optional) Chanel – INIMITABLE INTENSE mascara waterproof $30

In the present, I do not own the Chanel mascara because it is $30, but I once received it as a free sample (sample size, so it was smaller) at Carson Pierre Scott. I have terrible allergies that sometimes my eyes gets very watery. The Chanel mascara survived me and it is very resistant during humid to hot weather. I was also impressed that the sample lasted an entire year and it did not get dry. Yet, now I do not wear mascara.

I am very frugal girl and the list seems long and expensive; however, I highly recommend brands like NYC, Wet n Wild, L.A. Colors, and ELF are really inexpensive and these products are often found at the Dollar tree stores or Big Lots. Yet, the essential ones for me are the cover sticks, the primer, the foundation, and  the powder. Even the primer can be knocked out if your skin doesn’t have many blemishes like mine. I do want to say, when purchasing for these products and if there are cheaper ones as long as they work then go for it! In addition, normally makeup lasts up to a year, so the list may seem long; however, it is a buy that is only once a year and I don’t wear makeup every single day.


Brushes – Madness!

A quick note on brushes for makeup…there’s an entire universe of brushes. I only own three brushes and I wash them twice of week with baby shampoo. I bought my brushes at Target and they are excellent quality.

Wet n Wild: Kabuki Brush $2 up to $3.50

Photo: Kabuki Brush – Wet n Wild

(optional) ELF foundation brush $1 up to $2.50

ELF Blending and Blush brush $1 up to $2.50

ELF shadow brush $1 up to $2.50

*The ELF brushes at Target are $1 and I have all the brushes including the Kabuki one since 2009. They still work perfectly.

Before Cassandra Bankson appeared on YouTube, the now veteran, Michelle Phan became a major hit with her channel on YouTube. In 2006, Phan gained many viewers with her wisdom and her ability on makeup. In the present, she’s Lancome‘s spokesperson and she has a deal with the brand as well. She’s a master of makeup artistry, facials, and even fashion. I highly recommend to follow her via Facebook, twitter, and her official blog

Photo: Sephora/ Michelle Phan for Lancome


Fashion is complex and sometimes a delicate topic for some girls. I am going to list all the reasons I have heard so far why some girls do not like fashion.

  1. It’s only for skinny girls – NOT TRUE
  2. It’s too expensive – NOT TRUE IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SHOP
  3. I don’t really care about it -NOT TRUE. I will quote my friend Holly, “If you don’t care about fashion, then go naked.” It is true because even if you made you make your own clothes…that’s still fashion.
  4. I have an odd body shape- NOT TRUE
  5. Fashion is only for the young, the pretty, and the rich- NOT TRUE
  6. I’m a mom, why should I care? – YOU SHOULD CARE

Those are the common excuses I have heard many times, but I want to change your mind. Many women out there compare their body shapes with the models on magazine covers or billboard posters. It is understandable to a certain degree why fashion can be intimidating; however, many models do not eat and many models are incredibly sick because of their career. Also, many photographs are manipulated to look differently.

GQ and Kate Winslet

Back in 2003, Kate Winslet was in the cover for GQ: UK edition. Her body was digitally altered without her permission. Winslet was very angry at the changes in her body. Yet, many photographs in magazines or covers are digitally manipulated and these images do damage girl’s self-esteem. Still, I want to challenge this enemy by bringing a new way of thinking.

  1. I am smart and beautiful: Inside and Out
  2. Size is just a number, but it does not determine my abilities or my brilliance
  3. My body shape is wonderful
  4. Models, singers, or celebrities photographs in magazines are often digitally altered and I am not because I am the REAL thing and that is what truly matters

 If these four rules are forgotten, then listen to Christina Aguilera’s song, “Beautiful” from the 2003 album, Stripped because she sings, “I am beautiful no matter what they say/ Words can’t bring me down/ I am beautiful in every single way”

Photo: Wikipedia/ Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

Size is just a Number!

It is common that a size number scares many women out there. Keep this in mind, every brand out there will have different measurements. For example, in Wet Seal, I wear a large or even an extra-large, but Target’s, One Star, I have to buy a size small even extra small. My story is the story of two extremes that is confusing for many and it is understandable. Hence, this explanation states this fact: Each brand – a different size; therefore, always try on the clothes before purchasing if possible. By any chance, if the clothes cannot be tried on, then make sure to learn the return policy of the store.

Reality TV

Many may argue with me that shows like What Not to Wear impose their opinion on fashion. Yet, when this argument arrives the person has either never watched the show or they have, but not a full episode. The TLC channel has aired over a decade What Not to Wear. The show has changed many lives positively. Many women in the show at the end are happy with their looks. What Not to Wear is not only about bad fashion, but it is a life changing moment. The women featured in the show has a reason to look the way they do. Often their explanations are the ones mentioned in the “7 Excuses I’ve heard so far.”

The show is hilarious, emotional, and at the end the audience always gains a lesson about different body shapes. In addition, the major lesson in What Not to Wear is that fashion does not have an age, body shape, or ethnicity. I remember a couple of years back, TLC’s franchise released a book called Dress Your Best. Although the book perhaps is old now, but the book is written so well that their rules still works today.

Photo: Amazon/ What Not to Wear

Recycle and Fashion is a Good Thing?

Yes, clothes can be recycled! If the sowing machine is your friend, then make a good use of those old clothes. Shareen Mitchell, the famous owner of Shareen Vintage in L.A. and New York city taught me this lesson. Her boutique is a rare gem because it is not the typical second-hand shop, but Mitchell rebuilds the old garment into a new one. From wedding dresses to cocktails dresses, Shareen recycles fashion. Before the channel Planet Green was replaced by OWN, Shareen had a reality television show. In the show, Dresscue Me, the audience had the opportunity to see the creation of old dress into a new one right in front of the cameras.  I found a photograph in Shareen Mitchell’s facebook page featuring Zooey Deschannel wearing one of Mitchell’s rework at a red carpet.

Learn more on Shareen Mitchell’s rework and recyclable fashion at her official website:

Photo:Shareen Mitchell / Shareen Vintage Facebook – Zooey Deschanel

Opps! A Boy is Included in this Article!

I believe in karma, but beyond the spiritual beliefs, I want to encourage many men and women out there to use-reuse-recycle. There are several ways to recycle clothes without hurting our planet. I heard this rumor a couple of years ago, the FC Barcelona star, Lionel Messi renew his closet every six months. Then his clothes is either donated or shared among his male relatives and they also exchange clothes among each other. Still, it is a rumor, but even if it is a rumor the idea behind the rumor is a great one. Another idea is to have a clothes a party. Ask your friends to bring clothes they no longer wear, then all the girls can exchange their clothes among each other. It is a fun party and this party is not an expensive one!

Photo: @dsometin/ Lionel Messi and Marina Dina in Ibiza Club Miami

Believe in the Salvation Army

A different way to recycle clothes is to purchase your clothes from the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army clothes are donated and many clothes are from expensive brands like Dior, DKNY, and many more. I have purchased many clothes from the Salvation Army and every purchase is a donation towards their programs that helps children, teens, and the elderly. Therefore, fashion does not have to expensive ladies! If you are skeptical of wearing used clothes, then think about this before purchasing any piece from any clothing store…think about how many women have tried it on before you purchased it? Hmmm? wouldn’t that be somehow used clothes anyway? I’m just saying the truth here.

The lesson in this article is to enjoy the things in life. If one wishes to look great every day, then go for it without too many complications.

Photo: Salvation Army/ Salvation Army Truck

All Rights Reserved. DISCLAIMER: alsy365 blog claims no credit for any images or videos featured on this site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respective owners. alsy365 blog Information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies. If you own rights to any of the content and wish to have it removed please let me know.

*Brown, Bobbi. “Beauty Illusion vs. Beauty Reality.” Beauty Evolution. 1st ed.

New York: Harper Collins, 2002. 7. Print.


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