21 Jump Street is a Riot: DVD Rental Review

The first time I heard about 21 Jump Street it was in my astronomy class in college. One of my classmates (whom I presume he was in his late 30s) kept on asking me if I have watched the series back in the 80s. My respond, “Dude, I had no idea Johnny Depp starred in a tv series.” Up to this day, I have not watched the series and I was almost 3 months old when the series started to air its first season…do I really have to watch it? No, not really.

Photo: 21 Jump Street/Amazon.com

Then, I heard months ago, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are the stars for 21 Jump Street: The Movie it did not amuse me. I have watched most of Jonah Hill’s films, but not Tatum’s films. I thought Channing was an average actor; however, I am glad I was wrong! The 80s film got a makeover like Starsky and Hutch film. Yet, the movie marks a huge departure from the original series because it is not in 1980s. Yet, Depp makes a cameo with DeLuise as their original characters.

I apologize for the spoiler earlier, sorry!

Now, I start my review of 21 Jump Street: The Movie. This adaptation of the 1980s film is as hilarious as Hangover and Bridesmaids.  The film version is by Hill and Michael Bacall (Screenwriter of Project X) turned the dramatic story into a comedic version. This was a challenging project for Hill and Bacall to convince the original fans of the series their version is worth paying the movie ticket. Did it please its original fans? I really do not know, yet it did please millions of viewers whom watched the film version like me.

Photo: 21 Jump Street/ Facebook

Tatum and Hill are extremely hilarious and the script is genius.

How the film starts? The movie starts in the late 90s with Tatum and Hill as the typical teen clichés. Hill’s character loved Eminem too much that he looked like “The Not so Real Slim Shady” as Tatum’s character pointed out with his friends, the jocks. Years later, both men are in the policy academy and they begin to bond. Seven years later, their dreams of shooting criminals did not happen. Both men are guarding a public park where families bring their children. Then an incident occurs when Tatum forgets to say the Miranda rights to a criminal he captures.

Photo: 21 Jump Street/ Facebook

The punishment for the clumsy cops for not saying the Miranda Rights is to go to a program for fallen cops as high school students to investigate crimes. Now, the hilarious duo as high school seniors for a second time, they will live a very different senior year.

The film has a well known cast such as Ice Cube, Dave Franco (Friday Night Lights), Brie Larson (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), and Ellie Kemper (Bridesmaids) among other talented actors and actresses.

Photo: 21 Jump Street / Facebook

This film is so hilarious I rented the film twice; therefore, 21 Jump Street will be a nice Christmas gift for me. Buy or rent, but watch this extremely funny film. My final grade is 10/10

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