Copa del Rey and Farewell Guardiola

The players enter El Vicente Calderon with a full house of Bilbao and Barcelona’s fans. The crowd roaring for their teams and two minutes into the first half…Pedro scores! The game is dominated by the Catalan team. Then, in minute 24, Messi scores the second goal of the night. Before the third goal, Barcelona player, Gerard Pique clearly pulled the Bilbao’s forward shirt, Fernando Llorente. Pique even pushed the player in the penalty area. I have to clarify here that I am a huge fan of Barcelona (really strong fan), yet I am not going to blind myself here and agree with the referee. Bilbao should have received the opportunity to score a penalty. I believe in fair play, the referee certainly he did not carry out the rules correctly.

The end of first half, the score was 0 – 3 with Guardiola’s squad practically caresing the cup alredy. The second half started slow, then one of Bilbao’s youngest players, Ibai Gomez was close to score their first goal, but failed to do so. Then, Messi almost scored his 74th goal of the season, yet he was quickly stopped as well. Towards the last 20 minutes of the final, two essential players left the field: Fernando Llorente and Xavi Hernandez. Officially the 90 minute game ended, but two minutes extra were added.

When the referee whistles and announces the game has ended. The two minutes extras did not help Bilbao to score at all. Although Barcelona’s players were celebrating, this is a bittersweet ending. I can bet if the Barcelona’s players were asked, would like to win all the trophy’s for this season? or loose every title, but Guardiola stays? Most likely like the fans including myself would have wanted for Guardiola to stay.

It is the final game of the season, a new champion raises their cup, and it also marks the end of Guardiola’s era. Now, Vilanova begins his new era with many challenges and the high expectations that has landed on his shoulders. Meanwhile, Barcelona celebrates a new championship and Guardiola will reside in New York City until he decides his next move.

Congratulations Champions!

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