UEFA Champions League: Showdown at Munich

The final started strong and rapidly it slowed down. Neither team was backing down. The first half was steady, but the second half towards its last minutes became dramatic and unexpected. Bayern scores in minute 83 and I thought they won that is it. Minute 88, Drogba ‘s goal changed everything.

After the extra time, Bayern’s constantly lost great opportunities because they had plenty! Even a penalty that could have sealed their championship. The second half ended and the penalties started. This is the moment where the goalkeepers shine or they get scared. Both Chelsea and Bayern’s goalkeepers are good; therefore, it is difficult to predict whom is better. Although Drogba was the man of the match because he scored the goal that sealed their championship; however, Neuer scored a penalty with confidence. The commentators of the match were delighted with Neuer’s goal. I knew from a short report I saw two summers ago, he started as a forward when he was seven or six years old. Then, he was quickly established as a goalkeeper. Hence, I was not surprised he scored with precision.

Yet, Chelsea won this final. Bayern is an excellent team, but tonight like I predicted this horrible reality. Most teams do not win a championship at home. For example, last year, Barcelona won in England. The 2010 World Cup, Spain won in South Africa. The 2002 World Cup, Brazil won in Japan. My last example, Milan won Champions league of 2006-07 in Athens, Greece. If Bayern would have won at home, it would have been a rare event like the 1998 World Cup. The host was France and the World Cup was won by the French team, do you see my point?


The 2011-2012 UEFA Champions is Chelsea. Now, they will compete for the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup hosted in Japan. The 2013 FIFA Club World Cup will not be  in Japan, but in Morocco also in 2014. It started with Drogba’s surprising goal and it ended with Drogba’s excellent penalty that made history for Chelsea.

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