Fashion Star Crowns their Winner of Season 1


Three retail empires and three fashion protégés have selected the finalists to crown the winner of Fashion Star. NBC’s daring show is quick and a reality because the buyers will either love it or hate it. Macy’s buyer, Caprice Willard has plenty of experience. Brains and looks complete this brilliant woman that had several positions in the past which led her to her present position as Vice President/RPM for Women’s Apparel for Macy’s. Another smart woman that has a sharp personality is Nicole M. Christie. The H&M buyer knows the brand’s customer because the pieces she picked for the store were constantly right on the mark. In 2001, Christine became the buyer for the Young Fashion Division with H&M and currently she’s the communication manager for North America and also the company’s spokesperson for the USA. Lastly, Terron E. Schaefer, the executive vice-president and chief creative officer for Saks. I perceive him as the wild card because he was often hard to read when he purchased a collection. Yet, when it comes to fashion being a buyer they have the responsibility to know the customer in order to sell.

The mentors are three contemporary designers that certainly are becoming empires quickly. John Varvatos is the one with the most experience in the fashion arena. The rock n’ roll designer previously worked for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein before launching his own brand. Besides having a successful brand, he also hosts a monthly show in SIRIUS XM’s Faction channel, Born in Detroit. Jessica Simpson is a talented musician, but also a master in fashion. Her line quickly became successful because it’s comfy, stylish, and durable. Simpson is an established designer and is quickly becoming an empire in American fashion. Nicole Richie is a newcomer in the fashion world, yet she knew how to implement her talent in the correct path. Moving away from the early efforts with the crazy show called The Simple Life with the party girl – socialite, Paris Hilton; however, Richie is a new woman that is already a strong figure in fashion.

The finalists

Kara Laricks

The former fourth-grade school teacher followed her dreams to become a designer. My first impression on Larick’s in episode one left a sour taste in my mouth. I did not take her as a serious designer, but as the episodes progressed Larick’s androgynous looks are elegant and timeless. Saks buyer has stated repeatedly that she knows Saks aesthetics. She’s not commercial like the other two finalists, yet she is extremely talented.

Nzimiro Oputa

Oputa was the only designer that actually designed men’s clothing during the show. He is innovative or what I call the Neo-Ralph Lauren with a unique twist. I think many men would appeal to Nzimiro’s taste in fashion and very creative man’s designer. He brought original pieces that will sell quickly pleasing many customers.

Ronnie Escalante

Escalante had the talent, but not an identity for his collection. Little by little, Ronnie established the soul for his collection. The young designer has had the most experience in the fashion world. He had internships at Chado, Ralph Lauren, and Zac Posen in New York City. He is clear that he likes to combine the idea of chic and affordable fashion which is pleasing to my ears.

The Final Verdict

All the collections presented for the three retails stores were spectacular! The designers really worked fully with each mentor and paid attention to each buyer. Before the final decision, the mentors and the buyers discussed about designers. Varvatos concluded the heated discussion telling the three buyers, “You will have the final word.” The mentors were emotional especially Jessica Simpson had tears in her eyes calling the designers an “inspiration.” The buyers crowned the first Fashion Star winner, Kara Laricks. She won the deserving title of the first Fashion Star winner, $6 million dollars and her collections will be sold at Macy’s, H&M, and Saks Fifth Avenue, Congratulations!




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