May Toonami Be With You

When I was a child, I grew up with Toonami on Cartoon Network. The early 2000s was the golden age of Cartoon Network because of their amazing shows and the birth of Adult Swim. Who doesn’t remember the senior citizens coming into the pool?  Adult Swim captured the demographics of teens and adults including some children that had a satellite television in their room and pretended to sleep. I was one of the children that watched Adult Swim, but my love for anime increased like a rapid heartbeat thanks to Adult Swim.

Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Big O!, Outlaw Star, Bleach, Inuyasha, Tenchi…do I have to go on? Here’s my reaction, when I saw the revival of Toonami on April Fool’s day, I was struggling with my sociology class notes on Karl Marx, but just seeing TOM made my heart glee. This rewind on nostalgia that the 20 – 30-year-old demographics has been a good target that Nickelodeon started with The 90s is All That. This is a brilliant marketing move, but mainly they have to keep the audience happy, right?

Two days ago, Adult Swim asked their twitter fans, “RT #BringBackToonami” and they had a passionate respond of 50 million people hailing this is the correct call. Anime has a massive fan base around the world and the return of Toonami will satisfy more than 30 million viewers that own cable or satellite television.

If Toonami does make a return to Adult Swim, here’s my advice on this ambitious possibility. The line-up it’s often oriented to the male audience and there’s also a HUGE female fan base that hearts anime as well. Hence, I am not suggesting to bring the lovely corny shows that even I would roll my eyes if they are aired. Yet, the line-up should start from action to action pack.

Here’s an idea (Just Saying)

-10pm Sailor Moon – 10:30pm Tenchi Muyo! – 11:00pm Outlaw Star – 11:30pm Bleach – 12am The Big O!  and so forth.

I can predict I might get plenty of disagreements, but this is an illusion; however, I do praise the Gundam Wing series, Dragon Ball Z, and much more. In addition, new shows for the American audience like One Piece (cancelled on Cartoon Network), Fairy Tail, School Rumble, including an old series like Ranma 1/2 among others would satisfy the thirst of anime fans in America.


In addition, there has been effort on the network airing films from the Bleach franchise among others; however, many of the anime shows has OVA’s which is an sub-episode that often it does not follow the series storyline. Yet, the OVA’s are great to watch.

In my perspective, Adult Swim has been a steady and smart channel space Cartoon Network shares for the older viewers that may not watch Adventure Time. If Toonami returns, the channel has done an intelligent move that will make two sides very happy: the audiences and Adult Swim increasing like thunder their ratings. I have faith in Adult Swim they are brilliant and I hope more than 50 million possible viewers don’t get disappointed.

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