Spring Break Rentals: Part II

*Note: My spring break ended about a week ago, sorry for the delay :D*

The Spring break continues, but I cannot sit around and just watch films (deep down I wish). So far, I have to start to work on my duties because the calendar dates are constantly reminding me that I have work to complete. Still, work or not I am able to go to the local DVD vendor or those few surviving Blockbuster’s to rent the latest DVD releases.

I continue to watch films that I missed the opportunity to pay my ticket in the cinema. So far, I have seen One Day, Jack and Jill, and Tower Heist.

One Day starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess

One Day carries the same melancholic stamina of  a Nicolas Sparks film. Well, in exception of The Last Song with Miley Cyrus, she was awful in this film; however, One Day has a unique take on time because the audience sees the main characters growing up. Anne’s character, Emma is an intelligent woman who has been in love with Jim’s character, Dexter since their early days in college. On their graduation night, Emma and Dexter almost had a one night stand, but they agreed to just be friends. The entire film follows their lives on every July 15th from 1988 to July 15th 2011.

Dexter is a rich, good-looking guy, but an absolute train wreck. Meanwhile, Emma struggles for several years as a waitress until she obtains a job as an elementary teacher. In the next twenty years, Emma and Dexter will see each other and it is clear they have been in love with each other for too long in silence. During these twenty years they have failed relationships, but these crossed lovers resemble the Shakespearean lesson in the end. This film deserves a 8/10 as my final grade.

Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, and Al Pacino

Adam Sandler has been a persistent comedian for many years. I would not call this film one of his finest, but this film is appropriate for a younger audience. Jill’s character can be off beat or annoying to some, but the character is well-intentioned. Meanwhile, Jack is a well-known advertising executive until his next target is to get Al Pacino for a Dunkin’ Donuts Ad. The alternative version of Al Pacino (which is played by himself) is arrogant, pesky, and smitten by Jill.

Sandler’s movie brings a new actor to the Hollywood scene, the Mexican-comedian actor, Eugenio Derbez. Derbez is well-known to the Hispanic media including his recent film, No Eres Tu, Soy Yo (It’s Not You, It’s Me). In Jack and Jill, Felipe (Derbez) is Sandler’s gardener for his extravagant garden. Felipe is a widower with three children which delights Jill because she’s a single lady. Derbez character should have participated more in this film.

Jack and Jill is not an awful film,  yet the movie needed some revision to become an ideal comedy for all ages; therefore, I have two grades for this film. The Adult grade is 5/10 and the Kid grade is 7/10  

Tower Heist starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy

I really, really, really liked this movie because it is not a rip-off of the Ocean Eleven’s films. Tower Heist delivers a fresh comedy with established comedians and new talents as well. Eddie Murphy brings a spark that was last seen in his 1980s glory. Stiller’s character is the head of the heist after he’s informed the employees pensions are lost in the hands of Alan Alda’s character, Arthur Shaw. Stiller and his band mates are going to steal from Shaw to recover the lost funds for the employees. The main reason for this heist is after one of the elderly employees tries to commit suicide knowing he can’t retire. Luckily, he does not die, but he joins Stiller’s gang.


In the mix there are other characters played by the acclaimed actress, Gabourey Sidibe. She’s a Jamaican housekeeper that her father was a respected locksmith. Sidibe’s character is hilarious and very likeable. As for Matthew Broderick, his character is a nervous man who used a big guy in Wall Street, but currently bankrupt. Broderick’s character has many shades from a frighten kitten to a braver character that tries his best to commit to the job. Tower Heist is a very funny film. It is difficult to point out any flaws because it did not have one. I highly advise to rent or buy this film because if the day or night feels blue then this film can be medicinal to the funny side of life. Final grade 10/10.

 It is obvious the winner is Tower Heist because it is hilarious and not cliché!

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